Friday, 27 August 2010

Wanna see Mars Tonight? Click here before it's too late!

*** Read on for a great patterned paper deal***
& some personal news***

Do you want to witness a phenomenon that you only have one chance to see in your lifetime? If so you need to watch this clip NOW. Don't forget to have your camera at the ready, only a few hours to go now...

How Cool is That?

Next up:- For South African Bloggers I have a friend arriving from Australia on Sunday & she is selling some patterned paper so if you are interested please leave me a comment as she is not going to bring the paper with her on the plane unless she has a buyer for it. I need to know URGENTLY as Australia is 10 hours ahead so she will be leaving in less than 24 hours from when I post this.

Pack1- 38 Basic Grey papers - R80
Pack 2 - 20 Double side patterned paper - R50, no doubles
Pack 3 - 50 patterned paper - R100, no doubles
Pack 4 - 50 patterned paper - R100, no doubles

These are random packs & you get what you get. I haven't even seen them myself, but at R2 a sheet they sure are a bargain! Obviously if you are not Durban based you will have to cost in postage but I will happily send the parcel on to you so let me know okay?!

Today has been a great day. I have just returned from a date out with my eldest son, 15, and had a wonderful time with him. I hope that he will always be such a pleasure to be around & such a joy to me, even when he is married & officially belongs to another woman! We went out for dinner & stayed for ages, chatting & laughing like the old friends we are. I have discovered an awesome local restaurant where I have been twice this week, hence no weight loss this week ;-D

For our starters we ordered "Prawns Tempura" {deep fried in the lightest, crispiest batter ever} then we ate sushi {Wasabi parcels} - delicious layers of sushi rice, seaweed & smoked salmon, topped with Japanese mayonnaise & wasabi paste, awesomeness... Tomorrow is his big day, the finals of the local performance competition & apparently his main rival has a sore throat & is slightly under the weather {dare I admit that my gut reaction was "Yay!" - oh how evil is the human mind?!} . I'm sure he will overcome it & perform remarkably tomorrow {the competitor that is...} As for Jack, what he lacks in experience & professional training he makes up for in pluck & charisma.

He has to perform 2 songs & we have chosen "Hey Soul Sister" by Train & "Island in the Sun" by Weezer. We are all going off to watch the entire show & see him excited! and nervous!! Isn't it amazing how a mother can feel literally everything on behalf of a child? Anyone would think it was me that was going to stand up & sing in front of all those people! Anyway, that's enough waffling for a night. Lots to do tomorrow so best I get to bed. Up early to get Jack to his first hip-hop class. After seeing his Madam Tussaud's performance last week I booked him in for dance classes. Of course he's turning his nose up at the idea but I just know that when we get there & he gets going he's going to love it & the fact that he has been so active & athletic all his life must surely be an instant advantage.

Happy Weekend Blog People!


topkatnz said...

Your 'date' sounds really great. The best of luck to Jack in the comps - it will be an amazing night for sure. and hey, these moments are those which parents live for!

Bernadine said...

Hi Helen. I am interested in the paper. Email me more info when you can. I will definately take the basic grey paper. :)

Shayne said...

How divine to have a dat with your son. He sounds like such an awesome young man, stay as proud as you are of him. Hope he leaves audiances speechless with his performance.

No thanks on the paper - have far too much I need to get thru, thanks for thinking of us tho.

Have a fabulous weekend. xx

Ella Swan said...

Thanks girls ;-D Bernie my friend never brought the paper, sorry, she left the office early to pack & her e mail is there so she never got my message & she was short of suitcase space! ;-(