Friday, 26 November 2010

GRATEFUL & all that....

I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago then posted only half of it because I thought 10 for Friday was a little hectic!  Since completing my LOAD {Layout a day} I've got nothing scrapped this week.  Just t.o.o. t.i.r.e.d.  Literally my eyes hurt...Scrapping up a storm is good but it simply can't last forever & I don't think anyone can sustain a layout a day for beyond a month unless they really have NO LIFE!  Sitting at the pc is easy though.  I can do it in an almost comatose state. 

1.  I've given up on some of my dreams.  I really want some things out of life & I'm never going to have any chance of getting them if I don't FOCUS, so this should have a positive effect on my blog as I expect it will lead to more structure, better quality of work & hopefully inspire you all. There are certain things I want really, really badly & next year I'm going to work towards achieving them.
2.  I'm SO READY for 2011.  Not practically speaking...I'm forever behind due to sheer logistics {Just too much to do & not enough hours in the day].  But I'm hoping that by FOCUSing more next year I can achieve more of what I want & learn to accept that I can't do everything but concentrate more on working smarter not harder.

3.  I've rediscovered the pain & satisfaction that comes from commiting to something & seeing it through.  I've done my own LOAD {Layout a Day} for a month & it's left me exhausted but rekindled my desire to achieve.   Reminded me of days gone by, where I achieved so many professional goals {definitely easier when I had less kids & consequently fewer other commitments} but I've realised I can still do it!  It's harder but I've seen that I can still work like a Trojan & it's a GREAT feeling achieving so much & doing a good job of it while still fulfilling my other responsibilities.  I love feeling worn out from work!

4.  I've had to do some serious blog-culling.  I can't sit @ my pc indefinitely & my blog list was growing out of hand.  Now I've reduced it to the SERIOUSLY TALENTED & INSPIRATIONAL ONLY plus of course those true blog friends of mine that are generally regular commenters & genuine supporters {& would be excited to meet me if they came to Durban on holiday lol...}.  Just as in real life it's most beneficial to spend time with those that encourage & uplift us I've applied the same principal to my blog.

5.  Another recent revelation has been concerning blogging as such an invaluable resource.  While I love reading some personal blogs I limit them to scrapbookers/photographers as those are my interests & I need some common ground with the author.  However, most of what I read are scrappy blogs with a bit of personal thrown in rather than the other way around.  My main purpose online is to LEARN from others & return the favour by SHAREing with others what I already know.

The internet as such a vast & generous resource pool & I am SO GRATEFUL to the 2 local ladies who disregarded my scrapbooking achievements 2 years ago because they were so busy fawning over "international" (read anywhere divided from Africa by a bit of water) "icons" as - if it wasn't for them - I would never have started my blog, which  has made me grow so much as a crafter & person.

Thanksgiving in America (yesterday) really has had me dwelling on my blessings so I thought I'd intersperse this post with a few images of them!



Jessy Christopher said...

Well time flies eh! We are gonna welcome 2011 very soon and I am ready for it too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts & thanks also for all the beautiful photos of your children. Happy Thanksgiving day to you!!

Stefanie said...

Andrew often walks in when I am stalking blogs, Erin Cobb, Karen Russell and Stephanie Howelll to mention a few. (did you see she had the twins?) Any how he asks, who is I know them. Truth is I don't "know" many of my blogging buddies but they're special to me anyway.
I just tell my kids not to talk to people on the internet they don't "know in real life". Double standards? Sure, but it works for me.

Great pics of your children. Love the catch lights in second one.

Diana said...

First off the photographs are outstanding. Wowza.

Second, um, did you read my mind? The first few paragraphs I could have written myself exactly! We are soooo on the same wavelength it's eerie. I just decided this week that my olw for 2011 is going to be focus!!!! I've been thinking, what photograph could I take that could best depict the word focus? (I think a photo of me with the camera at my face.)

I am totally with you here.

Lynette Jacobs said...

I can do with some focusing too. I am also so very ready for a brand new year;-D This current one was not so hot. Great photography Helen, they are your biggest blessings in life.

topkatnz said...

so, have I made the cut?? maybe I don't fit the criteria, cos I've got no scrapping to show you at the mo!!heehee This year has certainly been an eventful one over here in my patch - made my PL album more interesting!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing and those photos are precious!

Pearl said...

sweet kiddo pics for sure , grrl !!!

I have to say that much as I dont want to change anything sometimes but year to year I certainly have a different set of bloggy,scrappy friends & no offences to anyone of course.

Ella Swan said...

LOL Stefanie I tell my kids just the same thing! I don't think it's hypercritical - we are just older & wiser ;-D DH always asks if I know what so & so likes on their pizza (he says that's an indication of friendship level!} but people who don't blog just don't get it! I agree, I don't know many of my blog friends in real life but I love the weekly interaction, support & feedback I get via blogging. Thanks for the photo compliments. I'm going on another short course this coming week so hopefully I'll learn a bit more again...Diana funny how FOCUS was on your mind as your word too...will be interesting to see how many others choose it too. I am so set on it I just hope I can live up to my own expectations ;-D Pearl I also love to meet new people all the time via blogging, although I never give up on the old ones unless we change direction in our lives, sometimes that happens & that's okay ;-D

Shayne said...

Great post Helen - so introspective and thought-provoking. Truth is i achieved a hell of a lot more daily whilst in the Corporate World - being at home, with kids, a garden and my pets, hubby, pc, staff etc etc my days kinda run away with me. But i have to say that i would not change it for the world. This year my word was patience, i think i achieved that to a degree, more so than i expected - next year i think is Focus. So much i want to achieve next year. It's going to be a goodie, that's for sure.

Your photo's, as alwasy, are gorgeous. I suppose having photographic kidlets is something to be htankful for too huh?

Have a lovely lazy weekend (and hope the hair isn't too purple!)


tania said...

Beautiful photos Helen!!
You really capture every special moment:)
"FOCUS" it seems like such a big word to come by, that for me, will be a dream come true, really:)