Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Time to Update! {edited for the sake of Peace!}

Where oh where does the time go?!  I know I have a lot of updating to do here to keep my little bit of cyberspace lively & inviting so here we go...

1.  This is the first time I've sat down at my pc since Sunday morning, when, very frustratingly, my new printer ran low on 2 cartridge colours as I was in the middle of printing out some 5 x 7's to slip into an album for DH, who was off to the UK on business {& slipping in seeing a few hundred friends -  from his boarding school days there - along the way}.

2.  More frustratingly, when I sent DH on a grab & return mission to the local "Inkdrop" they didn't have said cartridges, nor did CNA {major newsagent}, the Pick 'n Pay Hypermarket {major all-rounder} Makro {major Wholesaler} nor Incredible Connection {leading IT/PC chainstore}!

3.  We're talking here about the Epson Stylus Photo TX700W - for here, the latest printer/scanner/copier available, so what's with not being able to "refuel" - pretty sucky if you ask me...{Got hold of them on Monday from the computer company that sold us the printer - being delivered tomorrow - the soonest they could deliver - makes me wonder if that was the plan all along so they make a mark-up on them every time?}

4.  I have the same issue with trimmer blades.  I've given up using my old faithful Fiskars cutter because it is now impossible to get replacement blades!  I bought a new {& very reasonably priced} Provocraft cutter in it's place, as the replacement cartridges are half the price of the Fiskars once & readily available here...only problem is it doesn't cut at a 90% angle - more like 87.5degrees, which means nothing is straight.  Certainly has turned me off the idea of ever owning a Cricut if they can't manage to perfect a trimmer!  Dug out my old Creative Memories one - LOVE!

5.  I need more energy.  Any tips that are not either a) revolting & unable to consume & b) time-consuming like getting fit & being hardly able to move for every minute between training sessions.  Not interested in either option A or B.

6.  Question where I really would like an answer.  If you spent a wonderfully relaxing holiday lasting several weeks in the same town as a bloggy friend who you knew "well" by cyber-standards, would you ensure you at least had her phone number so you could chat even if you couldn't manage to meet halfway (for some absurd reason) to actually enjoy a cappucino together?

7.  Of course the above question is totally hyperthetical!  {I mean who would really do that lol?!} Yikes, I know I would be totally stoked to meet my bloggy friends!  Just  a quick post to say "Hey, I'm still here!".  Hope to scrap tonight & have something to share soon...Meanwhile...

8.  Can't post without a picture so just showing you the pic I sent with Shane to England.  Alexa Chung clogs - bringing home for me!  To match my new vintage-inspired Fossil...{got tired of having to keep buying a cheap watch every few months when my Chinese imports broke} so visited one of my favourite stores recently & it was immediate love.

Embossing - check!  Embroidery - check!  Square shape - check!  Pink face - check!  Brushed steel -check!

Perfection - check!


Diana said...

If I was in Durban for even a day you can be sure I'd be meeting up with you!

Ella Swan said...

I know you would Diana - honestly, so disappointing, really!

Shayne said...

Cool shoes, but i'm sure i'd break my neck in them! Love the new watch - not my style - but pretty and i'm sure it looks fab on your arm.

Re the meeting up thing. Let me start by saying that I often holiday in CT (where I used to live) and have a ton of bloggy friends who live there. But i more often than not, do not get to meet up with them. Especially if you're holidaying with your family, have lots of other friends etc to see, it can be very difficult. LUckily tho for me, those bloggy friends have understood, and we still FB/comment etc. I know that I will def meet up with them someday. It's just a matter of time constraints and priorities I guess!

Hope Hubby brings the shoes xxx

Stefanie said...

I haven't been to Durbs lately so I know it wasn't me.
I am so curious though. I was eyeing a swatch watch like Stacey Julian bought last summer, couldn't get it though. I settled for a Honey one and it works well.
I am going to buy a whole load of trimmer blades when in the USA as they still make them there. Sometimes scrap-a-doodle has them apparently. THey cost 6 dollars there for 2 as opposed to the R120 we are being ripped off for them.

Ella Swan said...

Shayne for that very reason I would have settled for a phone call! And I would have been prepared to have done ALL the driving...not on really! Don't even dream about coming to Durban & not giving me a call okay?! I know from the updates that time constraints were not the issue & obviously I was low down on the priorities list - have figured that out already & it hurt! I've instructed hubby heels to be no higher than 2inches (5cm) & he's struggling to find them that low. I've told him to not buy them if he can't get that height cos while I love the look of high heels they're not practical for my lifestyle. Stefanie I know about the blade price - isn't it insane! But now I have the CM cutter out it's doing a dang good job so not bothering to import myself. Good idea for you as you'll be in the States - Just remember not to have your blades in your hand-luggage or you'll get them confiscated!

topkatnz said...

um...caffeine tablets? we have No-doz here. Sort of agree with Shaynes comment re.the meet up - some on a family trip away, with a husband/family not very supportive could find it awkward? Dunno - I PROMISE to give you a call next time I'm in Durban ok?LOL

Lynette Jacobs said...

Get yourself a good multi vitamin for energy...I have also found a brisk 20 min walk gives me energy.

I was recently in CT for two days and did not even have time to see two of my sisters...I am pretty sure they are upset with me....time was just an issue.

Bernadine said...

For energy - get Vita - Thion from Clicks. Completely natural and works like a bomb. That is what I use at the moment.

Regarding the other issue yes if it was me I would have phoned but then not everyone is like me and don't forget not everyone is like you. :)

Ella Swan said...

Thanks for the tips on the energy levels Bernie & Lynette. Will deffo go buy me some Vita-THion! Thanks too for the honest input. Lynette a 2 day trip is definitely one where no-one has any expectations ;-D

Pearl said...

whoa ! lots of updates here - I do believe I have the Provocraft trimmer - & absolutely love it for its price & replacement blade etc & have no problem with straight lines at all !!!!!!!

& that printer cartridge situation is so not funny . & better a more expensive designer watch anytime than a cheap China import ! hear ! hear !

As for energy - how about drinking Red Bull ? ( ack ! )

& calling a cyber-friend - it really deps - I dont mind connecting with a local when I travel - even if its just a call - but then I come from very tiny Singapore ! & it all deps on yr cyber relationship after all - it sounds like you may have a little toxic one there but correct me if I'm wrong - & if so , then of course you neednt do anything ! ;(

tania said...

ME??? I
would defnitely come and visit you!!!
For ENERGY?? I recently started taking Baroca BOOST, tastes good and it DOES give energy!lol!!
BUT longterm, Vitathion is the way to go.
Those shoes ARE pretty, but I am not a heeler, i would really!!
AND that watch is BEAUTIFUL!!