Thursday, 18 November 2010

Who Floats my Boat {when I'm not drowning that is...}

Oh how I wish I had a layout to show you but alas, I think I've already put them all up!  And, did you know that housework & scrapbooking don't really go hand in hand?  Somehow, with every swipe of that mop so the scrappy chutzpah is sucked out of me & swooshed down the sink.  Okay, perhaps that's rather a dramatic analogy & I'm actually still hoping to scrap tonight but only because there is a challenge due in that I really want to take part in!  Ooooh...obligatory scrapping... not a fun thing at times like these! {Sure I'll love it if I ever get crack-a-lacking!}

So I mentioned in a recent post that I had a Top 10 List of Manufacturers & Scrapbookers & Heidi wanted to know WHO made it onto the list!  Now please realise that this list is not meant to be static, & indeed has changed over the years & may continue to do so, just as manufacturers continue to evolve & change direction at times.  I'm feeling {& hoping} that I've finally found my final scrappy preferences now but who knows, maybe I'll also be evolving & changing again in the future ??? so this is my 2010 LIST. {drumroll please...da da da daaaa...}

In no particular order:-

5.       LILY BEE
9.       K & CO.

If I could make it 12 I'd add in Jenni Bowlin & Kaisercrafts ;-D 

There are other manufacturers that I love like Maya Road for example, but my top 10 are all-rounders, in other words, make almost everything to create a page independently, ie:- including embellishments AND paper.  Just looking at that list & trying to identify the common thread ... I think it is that these companies do all over patterned papers mainly, rather than THEMED papers.  I really don't like those.  The ones that say Happy Birthday! all over them & could be wrapping paper cut up LOL.  I've also gone off gungy & distressed of late but still love vintage {if that makes any sense?!} so these papers are clean/modern not "roughed up looking!" 

This doesn't mean I don't like other manufacturers!  I'm sure I must have used EVERY manufacturer by now, at some time or other!  and there is a time & a place for everything, so before I go upsetting anyone these are simply my best, not my ONLY ;-D 

Now I've just realised that my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE line of late {on it's way to me now in practically it's entirity} is CRATE PAPER'S RESTORATION - not even on my list of top 10, so go figure??? {Below - couldn't order these as they are consistently SOLD OUT - grrrrrrrrrr...}

Right, now ... as for my 10 Fave Scrappers... RIGHT NOW ...these are the girls that are inspiring me the most at the minute.  I'm not going to include the obvious greats like Ali & Elizabeth or the great scrappy philosophers like Becky & Stacy 'cos those gals are already on first name only status along with Madonna!

Again, in no particular order:-




4.      KIM WATSON







Now there are MANY scrapbookers that inspire me, in different ways, on a very regular basis, but remember I could only chose 10!  And again, this list changes from time to time too as I discover new & lovely scrappers along my blogging journey.  Heck, there are probably tons I've still not come across! 

I had no idea when I started scrapbooking just what a competitive industry this is but geez... there is a giant talent pool out there!   {Hope I've provided some of you with some new inspiration there!}

I realised the other day {had a kind of epiphany!} that what we are involved in is such a marvellous thing from an artistic viewpoint aswell as a personal one.  Over the internet anyone & everyone can take part & what we are privy to every day is sharing the journey with the absolute cream of the crop in the entire world.  Pretty awesome concept I thought...


LG said...

me??? this doesn't only made my lips smile but my heart as well. I am very flattered Helen :D I am so happy that I was able to give you some inspiration. You are very talented as well and I just love visiting your blog if I need inspiration too. Oh I wish I live nearby so that we can scrap together sometime

Diana said...

I love all these companies and most of these scrappers too, but there's no way I could do a top 10. There are just too many great scrappers and manufacturers out there, and I'm learning about new ones all the time!

Pearl said...

haha ! love your thots ,grrl ! yes these lists evolve over time for sure - I really dont bother with my 10 fave manus no more - so hard to stay loyal year to year - i tell you ! but as for top 3 scrappers for me , consistently - Keisha Campbell , Ranjini Malhotra, Iris Babao . A lot have dropped off my list due to diva antics , really !

Ella Swan said...

Ooooh you girls have got me thinking! I forgot about Keisha - yup I used to follow her but somehow fell off...must check her out again! Don't know Ranjini but off to check her out - thanks Pearl! As I said, this is my "now" list - last year it was different & next year it could change. I just find it easier to have fewer options - stops me buying the whole shop lol! And as for the diva antics - I've had my share - but am not going to cut my nose off to spite my face. If I really benefit from someone's work I'll keep following...only my comments will get fewer & fewer if I never get any acknowledgement ;-D

Gloria said...

Great post Helen, alot of your top 10 scrappers are my favorites as well..there are a couple I need to check out, thanks for the inspiration!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Wow...stunning lists! I have found that I have dramatically changed my follow list...just takes too much time to see what is going on where. My list of top manufacturers change as new lines come out;-D

Shayne said...

I'm so out of scrapping I don't recognise half of the names you posted here - best I go and check them out!

I hear you re the housework and scrapping - don't really go hand in hand do they? I loved you analogy - rather true really. Don't worry, on Monday you won't know yourself again and can lose all consciousness in your gorgeous scrappy space!

tania said...

Tell me about the mop, sucking out ALL energy, don't even speak about the iron and bundle of washing.pfffft:(
Enjoyed reading what atracts you lately:)

Nerrida said...

Ow wow, thankyou Helen, I'm thrilled to be one of your faves, you've boosted my confidence but I DO love your work too you know! And yep, you're So right - a huge talent pool!