Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Absolutely Beyond Excited!!!

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Oh my Gosh!!!

Any of you who know me will know how much this means to me!  I have been sitting here in my studio ALL NIGHT - fiddling about on my blog, just WAITING for 6p.m Pacific {Oregon} time, which just so happens to be 3 o'clock in the morning here!

 But I DID IT!  I'm registered.  It didn't come cheap but then neither did my photographic equipment & I really want to get to make full use of it.  ALL it's functions & capabilities.  I have committed myself to 9 weeks with this lovely lady - who takes EXACTLY the type of photos I aspire to - down to a T!!! 

My photography goals are very simple - I just want to be able to take photos like Karen Russell.  Period.

I have ummed & aaahed & ummed & aaahed about taking this online photography course for a couple of YEARS now & decided that January next year I would DO IT, then I began scrapbooking my older photographs & decided that I WOULDN"T DO IT, because I needed to prioritise my scrapbooking over my photography...

THEN I dug further & further into my old photo boxes & HATED what I saw.  Awful photos {admittedly many of them from my pre-digi era so no editing & also from my pre-scrapbooking era so no thought to anything - not even composition!} I began thinking that maybe I should reconsider & just take the course, GET ON WITH IT - GET IT OVER & DONE WITH.

Then the South African Rand strengthened so the course became a little less expensive & my DH agreed to giving me the course as my Christmas present!

Won't it be an awesome way to start the year next year?  NINE WEEKS - yikes - I'm gonna feel like I'm back at school!  But it has to be done & there is NEVER A GOOD TIME so I am hoping to be able to keep up with it, come what may. 

I already know that I might have to take a week off to get my daughter sorted out at university away from home & am booked in for surgery at the end of March, that I am hoping I can delay until the course is over,  but with both Karen's next courses being during our school holidays {not a good time for any mother to concentrate on herself!} I dived in & signed up!!

I was still in 2 minds about it tonight & came across this on the internet.  It made up my mind FOR SURE.  I'm prepared to do what it takes even if it means its going to make me tired, etc, etc, etc... 

How Wanting Something with Your Whole Being Makes it a Reality
 Written by Daniel Wood

Desire is the bread and butter of success.
If you don’t desire your goals enough, you won’t be able to muster the motivation to go after them, the courage to put yourself out there and you will not be able to tap into the enormous potential your desperation will let you access.
Everyone has dreams and goals in their lives.
But most don’t believe that it is possible or don’t want them enough to care. 

To succeed you need to harness you dreams into an obsession, a burning desire that allows you to push yourself further than you every could without.

If you look at the successful people in our community the only thing they have in common is that they wanted something and they went and got it.
We have people with lots of education, no education, rich backgrounds, poor families, different ethnic backgrounds, some who were popular growing up, others who were outsiders.
The only thing all these people have in common is their desire, they all have a burning desire to succeed.

If you have seen the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” about Chris Gardner’s life you will have seen how a dream can change a life.
He was a black man from a small town with very little education.
One day he makes the decision to change his life. He is going to be a stock broker and he stakes his entire future on that goal.
He tells his son “If you want something, go get it. Period.”
That is the same philosophy we all have to adopt if we are to succeed.
No one is going to make it easy
We have all hit hard times, it is the will to succeed that can turn it around and make your dreams reality.

When I was new in sales I had become one of the top salesmen at my company.
I worked hard every day and dreamed about getting a managerial position.
After 18 months of toil a spot opened up. I considered myself an obvious choice for the role so I applied, and get the answer, “You are too valuable a salesman, we cannot loose your sales figures. Sorry.”

This put me down and it took a long time for me to get my motivation back. At last I realized that it was up to me if I was going to get a managerial position.
I started working hard again. Harder then ever before. I started asking for more responsibility, for opportunities to lead and prove that I could handle the role.
Within 5 months the company created a new managerial position for me. The only reason I got the position was because I wanted it so badly.

Conclusion:- Anything you want and anything you dream about can be yours, if you want it. All it takes is a desire so strong that it almost becomes an obsession combined with a focused effort on that goal until it becomes a reality.

Sooner or later your goal will become truth and you will have what you have dreamed about.  THE END

The moral of the story?  I'm going to be a great photographer - Woo Hoo!!!


Shayne said...

How divine. SO so exciting! I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour.

And after the success of my Yummy Mummy, one thing I know for sure is that if you put your mind to something it can definately happen!


Pearl said...

ooooo awesome dream ! grand way to get started with a Karen Russell class ! woot ! woot !

looking forward to seeing the change in your photography style next year then !

I made a very, very small investment in a little photography class in April this year & it totally helped me get beyond the auto mode . For refreshers I sometimes look at you-tube tutorials . lol .

Lynette Jacobs said...

Oh wow Helen...that is going to be stunning. Such an exciting thing to learn something you really want to.

Gloria said...

OH Helen, your post is so inspiring and SO true!! Congrats on the new class, it looks amazing! I saw a post a few weeks ago and it looks like an awesome class. I couldn´t afford it this year, but I´m saving for next year. Hope you have a blast in the class and I´m sure you´ll be a great photographer:)

CathQuillScrap said...

Enjoy and learn lots... you will surely benefit greatly from the experience

Jessy Christopher said...

Woo Hoo!! So excited for you & seriously can't wat to see more stunning photos :) Hv tons of fun & do update us ya!

Ella Swan said...

Thanks girsl - it's a dream come true for me - I'm crazy about Karen's photos & so tired of taking less than stellar shots myself. Can't wait to have crisp focused images in the front with all that bokeh in the background - woo hoo!

tania said...

Wow!! you go girl!! you must be soooo excited!!
so happy for you!!