Sunday, 14 December 2008

Layout photos for Page 2 & 3 of my Christmas Album

For the distressing effect on the journalling see instructions on my first Christmas album post.

I have used the same 'order' of Bazzill throughout the album...cream, pale green, red, brown, cream, pale green, red, dark green, etc, etc, for continuity...

Below you can see page 2 & 3 side by side, as they appear in my album. I have made sure that facing pages use the same backing cardstock colour even though they are actually single pages.

The snowflakes are actually glittery plastic Christmas decorations that haved broken over the years so I decided to sew them on to my layout! The bracket around part of the title "My life is" is cut out of a Making Memories sticker sheet that is actually all used up. As I was about to bin it I thought, hey, hold on a minute, I'm gonna get my money's worth so I cut around where the sticker once was, following the outline, how's that for!
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