Sunday, 14 December 2008

Layout photos for Page 1 of my Christmas Album

Well at last I am starting to upload my layout photos to Blogger! I am finally caught up on my album! Yip, I am up to date! I have done 25 single pages in the last week so I have been flying!

If you look back into My Archive you will see a post titled My Christmas Manifesto - this is where you will find the journalling that accompanies this page, if you want to look it up to read.

I have used plain bazzill as my backing paper for the whole album so far, and envisage continuing this way. I have bought some prints & some pretty Christmas paper, like the scalloped print here, which I have used here & there. I have been quite heavy handed with my inks intentionally, as I like the look of an artsy effect. The star lace cardstock is from my offcuts.

I have numbered each day's assignments with a cut-out number from a page of printed cardstock from the Making Memories Falalalala Collection. At times I have mounted these on foamcore for a dimensional effect. Ribbon features quite a bit as I am a ribbon freak!

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I cut the bracket from an offcut of Fancy Pants paper that has a distressed look to it. I have printed most of my journalling for this album as I could see that lots of writing would be required. I chose Lucida Bright in a deep red colour & often printed in bold for a more saturated effect. I then scrunched up the paper into a tight ball in my fist then flattened it out & distressed over the top with chestnut roan, dark brown, straw & old gold cats eye's to emphasise the creases for a distressed effect. What dya think so far? Will post the next lot tomorrow...

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Vicki said...

Very nice - haven't tried the scrunching and inking for a long time but might be time to revisit it on some of my layouts as its very effective.