Tuesday, 9 December 2008

I'm Scrapping Like Crazy!

why I haven't been posting! Can't do everything, lol! Truth is, I'm missing my "online scrapbooking" like crazy & wish I could come back but now is not the time people...the wait will be worth it! I have had to get to grips with this online class,JYC (Journal your Christmas), & I am going the whole hog. No way can I do one single page per day (each day we get given a theme to work on with specs regarding the type of photos we should take/use for that entry, the journalling prompt (ie:-what we should write about) & what technique/ideas we should use for the crafting aspect). I just can't fit all that into a single page!

It seems that this course is designed for photographers, journallers & scrapbookers so some people only use the photography prompts/ideas while others only make/keep a journal & others go the whole hog & compile a Christmas Scrapbook. I consider myself a journaller already. I have never had a problem telling a little story to go alongside my photos, but the journalling required for this course is something HECTIC! I am really enjoying it tho' & can see that it will make for great reading for generations to come. Good thing I decided upon computer journalling 'cos it would never have fitted in had I tried to handwrite it all!

I am also a photo freak so have tons of photos I would like to include, plus I obviously want my pages to look artsy & attractive aswell so am glad that I decided on a 12x12" album. I originally wanted a mini-album, but left it too late to order one online, & couldn't find one in our 3 local scrapstores. Good thing too...a "kismet" in retrospect (a blessing in disguise!) I am now on day 7, ie 7th December, today being the 9th, so I am still behind by a coupla days. Not my fault 'cos my computer collapse meant I couldn't get started until the weekend, ie the 6th, so I have been scrapping like crazy to catch up! So far I have done 10 single pages, not too shabby!

I will post my layouts this week but haven't photographed them yet. However, I do have some other photos to show you, which I will put into my next post. The last few days have been pretty much scrap-orientated. I have got everything I will be using for my JYC album together in one "dedicated space" as Shimelle suggested. Turns out this free course has been pretty expensive so far 'cos I bought a desk & chair so that I could scrap this album from the comfort of my bedroom, 'cos I wanted to be around dh & the kiddies, & not feel left out of the holiday activities, holed up in my Scrap room!

Our bedroom is pretty gigantic & houses a computer (a totally outdated thing that takes half an hour to load ANYTHING...BTW finally we are getting a new one for there as the 2 younger kids, who now have to use that one along with Shane, now that I am using this one together with the 2 older kids, are totally frustrated at the slowness of it all. Shane has used it for years just for home use, as he has a state-of-the-art one at the office, & all he does on the bedroom one is read the news). We also have a TV & DVD in the room & an enormous bed that gets made every morning but the kids think it is a trampoline so it looks unmade by the end of the day,lol! The kids have been enjoying their holidays so far (schools only broke up on Friday, except for private schools, which broke up a week earlier, so Chelsea has had an extra week, lucky fish) & been playing lots of Pictionary & 30 Seconds on the bed, so I'm glad I've been around to eavesdrop as it has been quite hilarious.

Cami had a 48 hour 'bug' that had her vomiting & carrying a high fever so that was rather traumatic, but just as she was a few hours from her doctor's appointment I had to cancel, as she made a remarkable recovery. Don't know how it works elsewhere in the world, but here any doctor worth visiting is always booked up at least a day in advance so ironically you can't get an appointment when you most need one! Shane is installing some shelves into my scrap room but it is proving to be a long & laborious task. Obviously the drill we bought, the cheapest, lol!, is a dud, 'cos for every screw hole drilled the battery charge dwindles & the dumb thing needs recharging for 45 minutes...ridiculous! We are renting an ancient house & apparently (so Mr. D-I-Y aka Shane, tells me) the walls are ultra-hard. Am starting to wonder how long the whole process will take & am tempted to go out & buy a decent drill...

That brings you all up to speed on the last few days. Just one VERY IMPORTANT post-script...I have spent some time tonight fiddling about downloading Adobe Flashplayer, Adobe Air & opening a You-Tube account in order to bring you some of that OBSCURE but BRILLIANT music Shane was telling you about! I have installed a Media-Player with a playlist that, so far, only contains one song - Human - This is my song for December & it is awesome. It's by The Killers (yes, unfortunate name I do agree!) & it IS brilliant & not so obscure. It is on their latest album, Day & Age, released 24 November 2008, & is nothing short of splendiferous! I have it in my CD shuttle & have played it dozens of times in the last few days. The whole family is now hooked on it & it is set to become a massive hit worldwide. If you've never heard of it ask your kids!

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Vicki said...

Its a very cool song that I hadn't heard but yes, my girls know it! LOL. Looking forward to your big reveal of all your scrapping.