Saturday, 20 December 2008

Hi there! Missing you all...

Please forgive me for being outta touch for nearly a week now.
It feels like forever!
Holiday Season is in full swing here & it is a crazy time...
Everything is taking about 4 times as long because there is NO PARKING AT GATEWAY...
A tragedy for me, lol!
Queues are horrideous (my new word, pretty cool huh?!) & the crowds are overwhelming.
Every year I kinda feel like Christmas has snuck up on me, no matter how much I try to prepare in advance.
I suppose the truth of the matter is it's just not possible to be organised when you're busy "doing life" (that's for you, Desire!) as there just IS no extra time to do all those silly things like think ahead, I mean really!
Anyway, the Christmas rush is quite exciting nonetheless & I've learnt over the years to just 'go with the flow' & not to panic.
Christmas presents have been wrapped for the last week.
Just as I was smugly resting on my Christmas laurels my son Jack tentatively presented me with one of his gifts (he had been snooping under the tree...)
It had changed colour from red giftwrap to yellow & was W.E.T.
With a new kitten in the house I am leaving it up to you to finish the story...
It wasn't pretty!


vickiparker said...

We ventured down the mall yesterday but the parking was crazy and everyone where they shouldn't be making it hard for everyone else. I think I'm over the shopping but if I have to do any will probably try first thing in the mornings. Still have to get to the Post Office and their queues are pretty bad.

topkatnz said...

Hells bells!! isn't it FUN having a baby in the house sometimes!!!!??