Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The first day of the Silly Season

And I am feeling decidedly unsilly...I have my online class on my mind day & night at the moment but life is getting in the way & I am not in the right frame of mind for it...I am having a few very introspective moments, in fact, more than a few, & generally not thinking good thoughts. I have tried my very best to enjoy today but haven't really managed. There have been a few highs, but mostly it has just been crazy busy.

Both my cameras are playing up & that, for me, is a HUGE problem. I take photos EVERY day. My family usually hate me for it, but I soldier on & hope they'll thank me for it later. My Nikon SLR lens cracked, so it was outta action for a coupla weeks. I was SO excited to get it back, only to find that EVERY shot I take is blurred...obviously, whatever caused the lens to crack (I have NO idea, literally just found it like that in it's case...) caused more damage & misaligned things rather radically.

So I need to get to my favourite camera store & pray that they can help me...QUICK! My new snazzy Panasonic Lumix 10 Megapixel mini-digi takes worse pictures than my 2 pix cell-phone...go figure...Tonight I tried every conceivable setting at my sons' Carol Concert, pretty much to no avail...please bear this in mind if I ever have the audacity to upload those photos to my blog! Perhaps it's because I am trying desperately to have a "wonderful time" every day until my online class is over - 7 January I think (!) that it is not proving easy...must just try & relax & enjoy myself. Truthfully I want to but other forces are at work here & it doesn't seem possible just to be left to enjoy oneself!!!

Chelsea is already on vacation, a week ahead of my other 3, & day 1 has not gone well. She is after my last remaining camera & I hate to have to share it as well as the pc. She took it away all day so I never managed to photograph my latest layouts & all my new Christmas stash, so tried when I got home tonight, but of course the artificial lighting is revolting...everything had an orange glow to it, so that is out the question!

I took my 2 babies out to Milky Lane after school today so that was a treat for all. I thought about how lucky, or should I say "blessed" I am to be living my dream as mum to 4 children so full of life & love. Things in our home may not always be perfectly orderly but we don't care! We love the occasional chaos that comes at times like this, year-end school madness with different functions several times a week, although I am finding it rather exhausting...

I am already 'behind' on my 1st day of class as I am only now (2.30a.m) going to read my today's tutorial. I have spent the whole day, from first thing this morning, on the run, up until a couple of hours ago, when I got into my e mail & blog. I am fully prepared though, & have done some serious stash shopping. Can't wait to show you all the goodies I have got together. My mood has gradually improved these last coupla hours as I have been visiting some of my favourite people. Have just taken the tour of Shimelle's gorgeous scrap room (you can check it out at 2 peas...) & discovered Tim Holtz's ultra-inspirational blog where he is hosting a 12 days of Christmas tag workshop that is awesome. Am also feeling inspired by young Eve's work as it shows how you can make some simple yet beautiful embellishments out of everyday items. I would love to be able to buy hers but time & money is against me at this stage.

I hope to go to bed (in the near future! LOL) dwelling on Shimelle's thoughts for today's layout, so that I can get my head around how to begin my JYC album asap.

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