Sunday, 14 December 2008

Layout Photo close-ups of Page 5 of my Christmas album

I was hoping that you may be able to read my journalling for page 4 if I took a close-up shot but, alas, I think not. Try clicking on it then see, if not I will post the journalling soon, promise;-D

Here is page 5 "Sweet Sentiments" which is my own addition to the class. It features a page from Camryn's News book from school, where she writes about what she did over the weekend. It is her own words & own writing, but she talks of making Christmas Cards, which is why I have included it here. I just had to go over it very carefully with a black fineliner pen as she is still using a pencil at school. The heart sticker on the middle photo highlights a tender impromptu moment taken in the car on the way back from my son's carol concert, when I caught these 2 siblings holding hands. Too cute, especially as Jack is not the affectionate type at all!

Note the mini doily I cut in half & used on this page. The Santa Claus & Snowman are no-name Chinese embellishments, which I am happy to use if they are appealling, like these, & intersperse them between big brand names to cut costs where I can, lol!

Here I am hoping you may be able to read Camryn's news. It's cute & funny! And also relevant ;-D
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