Monday, 18 May 2009

Bringing you up to Speed...

As you can see I overindulged this weekend - JUST what I needed! Of course I am paying for it today as I struggle to zip up my jeans - but I started the week on a healthy note of fruit salad for breakfast (okay, and a cappucino if you must know!) so hopefully by Friday my sins may be slightly less obvious,lol!

I had a really good time with my kids & hubby this weekend & consequently got NO scrapping done, except, of course, if any of you are Stacy Julian followers, you'll know then that I got ALOT acheived & was actually "scrapbooking" most of the weekend - because I was creating wonderful memories. I've realised this year that there's not much point staying home to scrapbook every spare minute if it means missing out on the here & now with my loved ones, as they are the reason that I scrapbook in the first place!

I spend Friday afternoon at Gateway with my youngest son Reilly. He was off to a party on Saturday (back at Gateway to the Bowling Alley) so we needed to buy birthday presents for his best friends - twin boys. By the way, that link I've given you is to Wikipedia & contains information that you probably don't know about Gateway - even if you live right here in Durban - so it's worth a click!

Reilly & I had a hilarious conversation on the way. It went something like this...

Reilly:- "Mum - who's that fat cooker?"
Me:- "Ummm...??"
(visualizing a giant Argar)
Reilly:- "Oh yes - Nigella something..."
(oh - he actually means a person!)
Me:- "Um, okay?"
(surprised that he remembers the name of a celebrity chef)
Reilly:- "Ummm - she said, in a Graham Norton interview, that she likes hairy men!"
(Reilly starts almost every sentence with umm as he has a speech impediment)
Me:- "Why on earth were you watching the Graham Norton show???"
(it not exactly being a kid's program - hilarious as it is!)
Reilly:-"Ummm, because of Dad!"
Me:- ""
Reilly:-"Yes! She likes hairy men!"
Me:-"Okaaaaaaaay - and you're telling me this because......??????"
Reilly;- "Ummm - well...because I'm hairy!"

Well that did it for me & I spent the whole weekend laughing. Kids...they crack me up!


jax said...

I just love listening to Reilly speak - warms my heart. While reading this I hear his voice in my head and it gets my laughing/crying too - sounds like he's fantasising about Nigella!

Stefanie said...

Nigella...? Older woman thing?
Love the KFC ad too, cracks me up every time.

Lynette said...

You are so right to spend good times with your kids...they grow up so quickly.

Michelle Ramsay said...

Ha ha, the things children say - so sweet and innocent!

Andrea said...

Wow that comment about making memories was a huge aha moment for me....thanks for passing it on!

P.S You will have to scrap that conversation under the heading "Kids say the darndest things"

topkatnz said...

OK ... so he's in with a chance then ... ROFL ...

Sandra said...

Haha, the things kids say!

Your weekend just gone sounds great.