Sunday, 24 May 2009


I took this idea from
Tricia's blog. She is the owner of Cocoa Daisy & a very talented & multi-faceted woman. Here goes with my list...

Today I am grateful for

1. Tricia. I love her product & I really enjoy her blog too.

2. All my bloggy friends. I really enjoy my new bloggy lifestyle & at one stage it was just a dream but now I've made it happen.

3. My husband. Corny as it sounds I so darn love that man! He is almost perfect... (I say almost because of course we have the odd difference of opinion & he would only be perfect if he agreed with ME on everything,LOL ;-D)

4. Feta & olives. My fridge is never without them now. Up until I moved here from Zimbabwe 3 years ago I only got to eat them for a few short weeks a year, when we came on holiday here & I vowed that when we moved here my fridge would NEVER be without them.

5. The scrapbook albums I have thus far completed of my life & my family. When we stop to look at them we have so many feel-good moments & laughs...

6. My medical aid & the fact that I can afford to be on such a good one. Between the 6 of us we run up some pretty hefty medical bills & without it we'd be sicker!

7. For the practically perfect weather we are having right now.

8. That I can afford new clothes when I need them, even though I choose to have a pretty minimal wardrobe.

9. That I have the luxury of a full-time house-helper. That in itself is a huge blessing - not to mention the fact that she is as honest as the days are long & kind to the kids to boot.

10. That my children have no major hang-ups, thanks to the fact that Shane & I have managed to give them as carefree a childhood as is possible in our Zimbabwean/South African environ ment.

11. For the fantastic foot massages that Reilly is giving me often right now - they are helping me SOOOOOOOOO much!!!

12. For finding Barbs again (Facebook is good for something...) - I have so loved being back in touch with her.

13. For Freckles, who has showed me that some dogs are nice. (Not a major dog fan...)

14. For the perfect, comfortable yet beautiful shoes that I finally found yesterday.

15. For the wonders of technology - having just come off the phone to Dubai.

16. For my courage. I've needed it over the years & it's a trait so many people don't have.

17. For inspirational people like Susan Boyle & Taylor Swift. They keep my dreams alive.

18. For like-minded people & the enthusiasm that breeds when we're together. LOVE that!!!

19. For my 2 cats & the enjoyment we all get from cuddling them & playing with them daily.

20. For the work ethic my father instilled in me & my ability to keep going.

So often we complain about what we DON'T have or what we DO have that we could live without (aches & pains, etc) but how often do we count our blessings? It's such a simple thing to do & an instant uplifter. What are YOU grateful for today?


topkatnz said...

well I'm not grateful for olives, that's for darn sure!!! bleuch ...!!

Mickey said...

You are so right, there is so much to be thankful for!

Stefanie said...

wow, what an unplifting post.
I would love to see the shoes you got, pretty please??
ALso if you have received the latest LSOS can you forward it to me.
I have done 38 and loaded it but would love to see what we have coming up.
Thanks, hope your day just gets better.

Michelle Ramsay said...

A most inspiring post as yes, we do always complain about what we don't have rather than being grateful for what we do have.

Sandra said...

I love gratitude lists.

Every night, no matter what sort of day I've had or how I'm feeling, I list in my mind before going to sleep things I am grateful for. Helps me to stay positive and appreciate those I love and all that I have.