Monday, 25 May 2009


I know how tempting it is to sleep in just that little bit longer, especially on a Monday. Today I had the delight of leaving half an hour earlier than usual, to get Jack to the bus on time. Yes, he's on the bus this week & I am on the trot! Already on the pc & printing out some info for some work I'm doing.

So "wakey wakey eggs & bakey" - a bright new week is upon you!


jax said...

So nice that you are so cheery onthis beautiful Monday. Pity no time for eggs and bakey in our house on weekday mornings! we can dream though..... Have a stunning week my friend!

Bernadine said...

I can so identify with your post. I am not fond of Mondays!!! Needless to say all the way to work I was saying, I am going to have a good Monday, only postive thoughts!!

Well when I got to work, no pc, no fax, no radio, no air con. We thought the extension lead had blown.... rushed out to get a new one. NOTHING worked still. Called our pc man, my pc power supply blew and waiting to hear from the other people what if the other equipment can be fixed!!!

I was all motivated to work and now that motivation has died a sorry death and so not focused now. :) :)

Simply-Mel said...

Ah, just what I needed to kick me in the ass today. Am having a very internally whiney day - thanks for this!! I think I need to print and laminate that pic and stick it to my mirror!!

Shayne said...

What a gorgeous pic and start to the new week!

Hope it's a goodie for you.

Sandra said...

Oh, I love this picture and the words, they're perfect together.

Wishing you a fabulous week too, Helen :)

Jessica said...

That's very cool. What an interesting idea to use eye shadow ... do you think it's safe?