Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Downloading Music "How -To".

My dear dh kindly put together this little "How-to" after some enquiries. The rest I have cut & pasted from his e mail to me (yes, we have a very modern marriage - we communicate via e mail! Not exclusively, obviously...) ;-D

How to get cheap but Legal Music:
1) Register yourself with Legal Sounds at the following:
2) When downloading, use DAP which you can download here:
3) Download all your songs / (LP's) into a folder called My Completed Downloads. If you don't have one already, create one.
4) Make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player which will be sitting on your hard drive if you are using a Windows operating system.
5) Open Media player and click on the 'library' tab at the top of your screen and then click 'add to library'. Choose the option 'my folders and others that I can access' then click OK. This will import all music into your Media Player.
6) Click 'Burn' and then a) insert a blank CDR into your tower.
7) 'Drag' all songs across to the right hand bar of the screen in Media Player until all space is utilised (you will be advised top right how much space remains as you add additional songs).
8) When all songs are in place, click 'Burn' and let the PC do the rest.
9) When disk pops out automatically, remove it and mark with a magic marker straight onto the top surface of the CD so as to identify contents.

Isn't that sweet of him? Thank you Shane. Hope it helps you peeps out there!


jax said...

Silly question as there was no mention of this in Shane's instructions - but - is there a charge??

Simply-Mel said...

Fantastic - I havent ever gotten around to downloading music cos I havent had the time to figure out where to go for the best deals...thanks Shane! (and you Helen!)