Thursday, 14 May 2009

Doing the 8 Things thing...Again!

Desire has tagged me to do the "8 Things" thing, so here goes (again)...

It seems like almost everyone has done this but feel free to assign yourself the task if you so wish, rather than me tagging you & adding to your To do List. I actually feel like doing it again ;-D. Could have something to do with the fact that my brain is a bit overloaded right now so it is nice to focus on something else for a wee while...

8 Things I am looking forward to!

1. Selling our property/s in Zimbabwe.

2. Buying our own home here in Durban.

3. Having some leisurely time to scrap "just for me" - rather than for DTs & class preps.

4. Getting my new CD kit & oogling it ( & scrapping with it ultimately too!)

5. Blinging up my blog one day (soon) when time & money allow.

6. Getting my hair recoloured. (becoming a dire necessity at this stage!) Just haven't organised it yet!

7. Having a procedure that should sort out some health issues for me.

8. Getting my South African I.D. at last & ultimately getting rid of my Zimbabwe citizenship & passport. Sad but necessary.

Things I did Yesterday!

1. Delivered 3 kids to 2 schools.

2. Got some I.D. photos taken.

3. Went to Home Affairs & made some more progress there.

4. Uploaded my most recent photos to the pc & did a bit of deleting/sorting/editing/importing & exporting between My Pictures & Picasa 3.

5. E mailed both DT subs due in this week.

6. Caught up on the bulk of my e mailing.

7. Took my photo cartridge to be re-inked & bought a couple of books for Cami for her upcoming birthday, while I waited.

8. Collected 4 kids from 3 different schools.

8 Things I wish I could do!

1. Cook a dinner that ALL MY FAMILY would really enjoy simultaneously (fussy gits that they are,lol!)

2. Walk around my neighbourhood without fearing for my safety.

3. Fit more into my day & only feel tired when I had "done it all!"

4. Teach English to foreign students.

5. Go on a month long overseas holiday with my family once a year, every year (never happened to date...)

6. Custom design my scraproom & have it fitted & kitted!!!

7. Exercise without pain.

8. Lose weight without it being such a gargantuan effort.

8 T.V. Programmes I watch!

1. Master Chef.

2. Desperate Housewives.

3. Supernanny.

4. Grey's Anatomy.

5. 10 Years Younger.

6. Idols.

7. Wifeswap.

8. Manchester United Football Matches!

Now with regard to this last list - I don't do TV - if I did I wouldn't be able to scrap or blog because I scrap & blog in my "free/spare" time so I forego TV. I remember quite enjoying it as a kid but I've never really been a square-eyes. By the time I was a teenager I had already tired of it so taught myself to sew instead & created many a weird & wonderful outfit (be glad that scrapping took over from THAT!!!) as I am now a tame dresser at last ;-D

So I am well & truly out of the TV watching habit & have been since the "I dream of Genie" and original "Brady Bunch" and "Adam's Family" days. The above list are things I have watched - some of them only ONCE!!! As I scrap mostly in my bedroom now I get a semi-sideview of the TV & enjoy Masterchef most weekday evenings & "Grey's" & "DH" babblings in the background as I am usually sitting right here on this pc at about those times, after my daily sojourn into the kitchen to prepare breaks & cook dinner.

Sorry if that is disappointing or boring but I prefer to create rather than vegitate - but, as oddly incongruent as it sounds, am an avid movie fan!


topkatnz said...

Cool ... I love those listy things ... is that NZ 10years younger or a different version??????????????

Sandra said...

Haha, I love your saying "I prefer to create rather than vegetate"!!!!!!!

We don't watch TV either.

Lynette said...

Great to learn more about you Helen.

I think that most of us have been tagged with this one!

Monique said...

Love this post of yours; it feels like I'm getting to know you better and better (and I have to have my hair coloured too!!)!! and it makes me appreciate more of the things I mostly take for granted like the holidays abroad (at least 2 but mostly 3 times a year) and walking around my neighbourhood, even late at night without feeling worried I might be attacked!
Have a great day!

jax said...

Interesting lists. I agree with you about the TV, just not enough hours in the day to become a regular viewer of anything.

Simply-Mel said...

Fun read! I tend to watch tv from abotu 8pm cos I am just TOO TIRED to be creative but i thinks its just a busy season right now!