Saturday, 9 May 2009

Need Inspiration?

I've found some inspiring stuff on the internet last weekend. These are some of the things that caught my eye. Ali never fails to inspire & every scrapper/blogger should have her in their reader. Check out this article in particular.

Through Ali's blog I discovered a new source of inspiration last week too. She even took the time to e mail me to thank me for the comment I left her. Creative AND polite. That's quite a combo. This particular article inspired me aswell as this one.

I've followed this blog for months, and you should too, if you want daily inspiration on different ways to use your rubber & acrylic stamps. This blog will really stretch your imagination & teach you SO many techniques, tips & tricks. Take this particular project for example.

If you're ever stuck for a colour combination look here & you'll realise there's no need to ever feel that way again.

If you want to become actively involved in the online scrapping community (more than you already are) this is definitely a blog you'll need to add to your reader. That way you'll never miss a DT call or online crop again!

Any Africans like me, intrigued with life in the UK, really need to go check out this blog, for a sneak peek into life in the UK for the newly-immigrated African.

So this is how this works...

Choose 8 of your favourite blogs (or less than 8 - as long as you create 8 hyperlinks - there can be more than one link per blog - for example, to particular posts within the same blog) and LET US KNOW where you spend your time, who and what inspires YOU.

I'm not going to tag anyone because I may tag people that are too busy, or have no interest, in participating & there may be others out there who would love to share the love. All I ask is that you leave me a comment stating that you ARE going to take part - if you want to - so that I can see what you come up with.

Otherwise LMK if I've converted you to a new blog that you knew nothing about. If this is successful I'll feature it weekly.


Michelle Ramsay said...

Hmmm, will have to check out some of those links you left. Still have loads of catching up to do.

jax said...

my goodness, you've been busy! Now I've got my week cut out for me as I'll be looking up everything you've recommended. Thanks for your trouble.