Wednesday, 27 May 2009



Sup people?

Jack Tilbury here - aka "Tibba."

I'm here to tell you all about the Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona, which kicks off at 20:45 South African time. It is the most prestigious football tournament in the world and only the best clubs play in it. If Man United do win this final they will make history by being the only club to win the tournament 2 consecutive times. The UK prediction is that United will claim the title with a score-line of 3-1. I am pretty sure that United will claim the trophy again. I have been a Manchester United fan my whole life and the whole family supports the Red Devils. I just thought that I should tell all you people that you all WILL be supporting United or my mum shall have to delete you off her list!

And if you don't support them then you have no friends & nobody likes you. Yes, it's that simple :p

However, if you are United supporters then AWE! You won't know what that means but trust me...kif word I tell you. Tonight Man United cane and even if they don't win they are my team for life!!!

They will win.

They will make history

With players like Ronaldo and Rooney ,Tevez and Berbetov, a backline of Vidic and Evra, Van Der Sar in goals, it's a team of legends. It's a team of players who strive for victory! IT IS MY TEAM! Glory Glory Man United! Long live United!

Check you peeps! Laka Laka. :)

And there you have Jack! He's been dying to hijack my blog for a while now...and he didn't do a bad job for a first timer! I did have to sort out the spelling & punctuation for him though,lol!

Remember, if you leave a comment, it's for Jack, not me...;-D


Stefanie said...

My son is a Chelsea fan...just saying.

Michelle Ramsay said...

My hubby is an Everton fan and son is a Liverpool fan, ahtough my son supported Barcelona and had a great time watching. I heard it all while scrapping.

topkatnz said...

My family and I don't follow any team Jack ... and rugby is our national sport here in NZ!LOL