Friday, 1 May 2009

Blog-Hopping (& 8 Things).

At last! I can indulge...I have caught up with my DT work & you can see it
here & here (soon). So I have finally made a long awaited trip into the bowels of Blogland. Several hours later I am exhausted, and refreshed, if you know what I mean! How I ever lived without blogging is an anomaly to me. To think that I started this journey only 6 months ago... I feel like an old soul here already. I don't know if I will EVER stop doing it. Kinda like Scrapbooking really...

I haven't got to everywhere I want to get to but can hardly keep my eyes open any longer so will have to continue anon. For now I'm joining in with my own version of my 8 things.

8 Things I did today (think it is meant to be yesterday but I wouldn't be able to remember,LOL!)

1. Spent time enjoying the company of an old friend (while she is on holiday here).

2. Spoke to my special friend Jacqui (on the phone).

3. Got an e mail from my old housemate (from 1989) having been out of touch for 10
years ( Thank you Facebook!)

4. Uploaded all my Joburg images & started the editing.

5. Cleared my inbox (again) & liaised with all my Cocoa Daisy peeps.

6. Completed a double layout for Journaling Junkie and a single layout for Little Shop of

7. Photographed them - uploaded them & sent them off.

8. Collected all my kiddies from school & bought them all ice-creams.

8 Things I'm looking forward to.

1. Reading my new Scrapbooking mags when I have the chance.

2. Going through my new Cocoa Daisy kit that arrived today (Yay!)

3. Sleeping in (here comes the weekend. Yay, yay & yay!)

4. Seeing photos of my new neice, Lyra Lu.

5. Jack (hopefully) playing hockey for KZN (our Province). He has made Ethikwini/Umhlazi A
team & has KZN trials in the morning!

6. Chelsea telling me all about the Matric Dance (she is waitressing there tonight along with all
the other Grade 11's).

7. Reilly & Cami's Chess Tournament this Saturday (yes, my 2 youngest are geeks,LOL!)

8. Buying our own house as soon as our Zim house or Factory space sells (please Lord).

I think there are another 8 but I am off to bed...

Feel free to tag along & list your 8's & let me know so I can find out more about you!

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Desire Fourie said...

Always nice find out one or two more interested facts about my blog buddies. TFS. Hugs from Desire