Saturday, 11 September 2010

No News is Bad News!

Now I know that the actual saying is "No news is good news" but I have noticed that that is never the case with me! I love to blog & if things are going well in my life & I am happy then I will blog about it. If not then I'll rather keep quiet...cos I'm not very good at sharing all the bad stuff & there are usually "reasons" why I can't write about that stuff on my blog. Well I actually couldn't blog even if I wanted to in any case, well not really, because without any of my data on this here DH's laptop, there's not really a lot I can share, & I'm also not one for posts with no photos & nothing to show you. Just thought that I would pop in though, in any case, as it's been over a week since I last blogged & there is still no sign of my new pc in sight!

So here I am just rambling on DH's laptop - and in a hurry & all - as I am off to a birthday party with my littlest, but am feeling slightly more cheerful today so thought I would pop in to my cyber space to let you all know that I have a new pc on order & I'm hoping to have it next week, just not sure exactly when. When I do get it I need to transfer all my data over from my external hard-drive so that may be a long process. Don't know when I will be able to get back to normality on the scrappy/bloggy front but should imagine it will be within the next couple of weeks. Finding it all very frustrating indeed...feeling like an amputee...missing a vital limb LOL.

When my pc crashed I was fortunately able to find where my files had been dumped & retrieve them & save them. It was a very fraught time for me though & took me 40 hours! Over 3 days!! That's a heavy load to carry & when I had acheived it I crashed LOL {well not really but on the "my own stuff" front} for the same amount of days & am only today feeling back to normal ;-D The harsh reality of having 160gigs worth of photographs spanning 5 years was depressing, especially as the bulk of them are not scrapped. How I have got into this situation is not exactly clear to me { ;-D} as I have been scrapping fairly consistently {when I HAVE been scrapping that is...} but I guess that the years off {when we were relocating - a total of 4 times - one of those to another country} & the fact that I have ALWAYS been behind because when I started scrapbooking I already had 4 kids, means that it's a pretty impossible task to achieve "up-to-date-ness!"

Falling in love with photography didn't exactly help either! The quantity of photos I take in an average month has gone up 600% in the last five years ;-D I've been thinking about the situation for days &have felt paralysed, not knowing what to do about it. After some much needed sleep I'm ready to face the prospect of printing out "the gaps" that are still waiting to be printed, filling up some regular photo albums {even though I'd love to scrap ALL my photos I can always do that at a later stage but I do want to have them printed out & on display now} & filling up some WRMK divided 12" photo sleeves to mix in with my regular albums. I have decided against taking KR's fabulous month long photography course at the end of the year, because, much as I ADORE taking photographs & trying to make them the best they can be, there is really little point to it if I can't keep up with showcasing them & they are hidden away on a hard-drive or two!

Phew! So there are my thoughts!! Feel so much better for having verbalised them...May pop back in if I have anything else profound to say, but won't bore you all with the horrible situation going on here {the public servant's strike still rampant} & spreading...Off to a party now. Woo Hoo! Feels more like Boo Hoo but trying to think positively & hoping those thoughts may become feelings & lead to some action!!!


Pearl said...

woot ! glad to hear happy mail arrived ! & the new 'puter is already on order ! withdrawal symptoms totally understandable ! poor dear !!!

well ! just gotta look forward to the time when you get back on ! no worries ! hang in there , Helen ! ;)

Shayne said...

Welcome back Helen. I hear you loud and clear. Perhaps you need to be quite vigilent when downloading your pics and do a quick delete if the photo doesn't really 'speak' to you once downloaded. I've started doing this and it has reduced the no of pics on my pc considerably. I'm quite anal about backing up onto my external harddrive as well, but don't want to clog too much!

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog re Polly! You always say such special things. xxx

Diana said...

Glad to hear from you.
You've inspired me to go through my photos from this year and print out anything I haven't printed just for the regular photo album with archival sleeves. Separate and apart from scrapbook albums, and separate and apart from sizing photos for LOs (though I might just scrap some of them 4x6 which is always so easy.)

tania said...

ag, i know this feeling, what is it with our things?? how bad can it get,hey?? wanted to email you, but my computer also crashed!! i am on the recovery road already, hope you start sooon my friend,hope you are well, as soon as my email is ready, i will contact you, even my phone crashed,can you believe it?? so when i mail you please sent me your number again.
glad you are back!! missed you!!

Lynette Jacobs said...

So glad that you can still sneak some time on your DH's computer. Can't wait for you to be back permanently.

Ella Swan said...

Thanks girls! Apparently my new pc is being delivered Wednesday lunch-time, then I have to reload my info from my EHD & all my discs. Here everyone is so lazy I can't find anyone prepared to do it for me LOL! So it may take me a while...Thanks for the advice Shayne. I have actually started being a lot more discerning of late but really need to go through the last 5 years folders much more discriminately & that is a mammoth exercise. I have also been really vigilant about backing up this year but hadn't got round to catching up with what hadn't been done from before I got my EHD, so it was a good thing I recovered all my images & finally got everything sorted & backed up! The PnP Hyper have albums on sale reduced to R30 from R120 so I bought a dozen of those to get cracking...then my printer broke! Hey....think maybe I should stay in bed tomorrow LOL...