Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Barbeques & Roasties

Friday was a public holiday here.  Heritage Day aka National Braai Day so I decided we'd go with it & join in wholeheartedly.

 We were invited over for a braai with some very social friends but decided to stay @ home & enjoy our very FIRST family meal together @ our dining room table!  Disgraceful that we have only just managed to achieve that after over 4 months in our new home!  Truly indicative of our VERY busy lifestyles. Jack had a vocal training/dance session in the morning {quite far away so we weren't left with tons of prep time} so I delegated chores to every family member. 
DH was in charge of the fire & the meat {entrecote steak, boerewors {local speciality sausage} & chicken kebabs}.  I cooked roast potatoes.  Chelsea made a wonderful salad & boys were the runners.  Laying the table, clearing up & drying up & putting away.  Taking these photos wasn't my top priority as I was busy having fun with my family & cooking up a storm, but I did try to get some pics of the preps & the finished meal ;-D

Cami was my assistant potato cooker & also helped the boys tidy up the kitchen.  She is crazy about an English cookery program broadcast here called "Big Cook, Little Cook" so was singing the theme song & having a whale of a time!  The roast potatoes are simple to cook but do take time to prepare.

So here is the finished result. Pretty yum hey?!  And that red & white bowl from @Home is also pretty special {got that for our Christmas Dinner last year}.  Behind it you can see our paper napkin holder woven out of banana leaves...very cool.

Added some fresh sweetcorn all prehulled & cut, from Woolworths of course.  Enjoyed a Grolsch {beer} you can see there in the background.  LOVE beer but don't often indulge myself due to the calorie content LOL.  The aubergine is my timer - cute huh?!
Also got some lovely pre-prepared roasted veg @ Woollies as a treat. 
Isn't the colour of that olive oil gorgeous?  And those artichokes are AMAZING.  Only available at Woolworths & incredibly moreish...The Steers Barbeque sauce & the All Gold Tomato sauce are staples in our home.  Kids can't live without them.  Very brand conscious kids they are too as nothing else will do LOL.  The paper napkins in the white basket were chosen by Cami for their cute cat design!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend.  Kids are on school holidays this week so I am being pulled in all directions!  Still busy "sorting out" my scrap room.  Definitely doing more of that than actual scrapping these days.  Finally able to find all my stash though so it is definitely worth it & should be a once-off if I can keep it tidy!  Have a nice new layout that I'll put up tomorrow.


Jessy Christopher said...

Oh my!! You are making me really hungry now & I just love potatoes!! The lighting on ur photos are so nice & everything looks so pretty :) Glad to see that the kids are helping in the kitchen. Well trained!!

Shayne said...

For someone who's priority was not taking photo's you did quite well! I didn't take one! We had friends round and wnet the whole hog too - the most divine fillet steak on the weber I have ever tasted. Ate too much and spoilt the family with chocolate nut brownies with strawberries and cream for dessert!

Stunning pics, salad bowls & servers and those tatties look yummy!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Yummy! Those pics and food look very inviting;-D

laura vegas said...

that meal looks amazingly delicious! will have to try out the potato dish ... looks yummy!

Desire Fourie said...

Such a happy family and what a scrumptious family braai ... those potatoes are just so yummy!