Monday, 13 September 2010

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel... {Blog Rewards}

What's a girl to do if she feels like chatting but has no way of sharing any photos of her recent work? Well, she has to scrape the bottom of the barrel & just "off-the-cuff" it with any random thing that comes into her head I guess?!

Since the demise of my pc I met up with one of my bloggy friends IRL! Yup it was fantastic!! So far I have met up with 2 people who I have met online & none have disappointed. In fact, they have both been even better in real life than I had allowed myself to imagine. Linda doesn't have a blog but reads mine & was kind enough to offer to bring me some scrappy goodness all the way from Australia when she visited her parents here recently.

I have some gorgeous pictures of my new stash but alas, they are all on my pc! So... so much for all the nutters "out there" on the internet, all the serial killers our relatives warn us about. On the contrary, Linda's gesture of generosity & selflessness has restored a portion of my faith in humankind ;-D Thanks Linda! Linda went out of her way to gather all my goodies, from 3 separate online stores in Australia, then pack them all up for me & transport them to me in perfect condition, travelling halfway to the Coast especially so we could meet up for morning tea...and didn't charge me a cent over the exchange rate conversion, so in effect the postage was free!

Why would anyone do such a thing for a "stranger"? Well, because we aren't strangers are we? Clearly my words touched her enough to prompt her to bless me & that folks is the true power of Blogging. Love, Love, Love to Blog! Next up is sweetie Pearl, who asked me for my address when she received my World Cup RAK, in order to send me one of her beautiful hand-made cards. Little did I know that she would include some of her amazing hand-dyed ribbons & one-of-a-kind handmade embellishments too. Woo Hoo - Happy Mail indeed!

Then there's Diana, who chose me to ship all her stick-pins to, all the way from her little island, because she's sorting through her stash & thought! All this in the last couple of weeks, whilst I've actually been officially OFF LINE. Goodness, imagine what could be in store for me when I'm actually back online lol???!!!

To say I feel blessed to know all these girls is a serious understatement. Has my life been enhanced through blogging? Hell yes! So there you have it. When I thought I had nothing to say who should come to mind but all of you! I never got a chance to wish you all "Happy Weekend Blog People" on Friday, so I hope I inspired you here to have a great week & Keep on Blogging. The rewards are tremendous ;-D


topkatnz said...

Nice to hear. The scrappy/bloggy community can be full of rewards. I have formed some wonderful relationships online and learnt a lot.

Vicki said...

Ditto to what Heidi said and in the light of our recent event those people sure came through for us. Keep on blogging. LOL

Diana said...

I'm just paying it forward. One of my first experiences with scrap blog love was bananafish (France) sending me the few sheets of KI Memories colourful simple stripe that I adore that isn't available anywhere.
Now I'd better get myself to the post office tomorrow and send those stick pins out!
I'd love to meet some of my blog friends irl!

Pearl said...

Wow ! you sure have a bumper crop of happy mail , grrl !!! lucky you !!! & the pleasure is all mine too ! only too happy that you like what I sent yer ! ;)
you keep on blogging alrite !

p/s : maybe now is the time to hop on the tumblr bandwagon - re-blogging ?!

Lynette Jacobs said...

I find the way we manage to build into each others lives remarkable and absolutely delightful. I am so blessed that we discovered so many wonderful pals in cyberspace.

Stefanie said...

You, see we do still read you without comments.
Hope you get your pc sorted out soon, I have been missing you.

Shayne said...

I still marvel at the kindness out there in blogland. If I think how my life has been enriched sinced starting a blog - it's amazing. People i have met that i would simply not have, any other way! And people that i feel like i'veknow forever - is that not an incredible gift?

tania said...

WOW!! how wonderful is that, you for sure inspired me to continue blogging today.
hope you get sorted soon:)

Andrea said...

I am so with you, blogging is my therapy and the record of our lives - have also met some incredible ladies through it and am so grateful to each and every single on of them.

Hope your pc woes are sorted soon

CathQuillScrap said...

Love this.... thanks for the reminder of why we blog. I must admit I talk about all my bloggy friends to my family as if I really really know each and every one and meet with them everyday... that's how much my online friends are part of my life.

Ella Swan said...

Well it sure seems we all feel the same way! Through blogging you often give more of yourself than you would to people in real life because I find it so much easier just to write it all down. I can honestly say that I have grown extremely fond of people I've never met & so look forward to their {your!} updates & seeing your work. As Heidi says you learn an incredible amount too & as you point out Vicki we have a genuine vested interest in other geographical areas because it is now all the more real that we know people who live there. Diana I am always on the lookout for a bright stripe that I think you may like {I think it's the new Cosmo Cricket that had one that made me think of you?} Pearl I'm intrigued about tumblr - what is it - never heard of it?! Yup Cathy think all my family know whos who in Blogland now too LOL! Enjoy your week ahead girls ;-D