Thursday, 15 March 2012

Life around Here & What I'm working on Right Now

Meet Pashi - she's our gardener!  5 days a week she cleans our
 pool, sweeps up all the leaves in our yard, prunes the bushes, 
waters the plants, she even mows the lawn!   I gave her the job 
because she is friends with our house-helper & was living with a 
violent man she wanted to get away from, but couldn't because 
she was unemployed.  I told her all I could offer her was
 "man's work" in the garden but she accepted willingly & is now
 happy, smiling and, most importantly, single!

I just wanted to give a shout-out to awesome company 
"Studio Calico" for their GREAT service.  I subscribed to them
for 6 months last year but stopped their kits as, while amazing,
 they aren't really my style - I prefer "shabbier & prettier" 
while their kits are modern without a stack of 3D 
embellishments {that I can't live without!}. 

 BUT I carried on buying from their store, which sells some handy
 products, like their mists, which are GREAT QUALITY.  

Unfortunately the 2 mists I ordered along with my last package
 were inadvertently left out.  I wrote to them, they apologised 
& immediately dispatched a new parcel containing FOUR mists
....AWESOME!!  Check out their online store HERE.

Preparing my base paper for a project, as you can see below, not 
much  of it ended up showing but I achieved exactly the effect I 

I stitched the scalloped paper on top of it, applied texture
 paste through a mask, misted over that so the mist pooled on 
top of the textured shapes, added the ink drops then compiled my 
strip from fussy-cut and punched pieces mixed with lace strips 
and inked up text print, all stitched together.

And here's a little teaser of the end result!! You can find 
this on the web today - just gotta know where to look :)
I'll be back to share it in full with you tomorrow!


Jasmine S said...

I know you are coming back with it but I just loved this page when I saw it Helen. The background is fab and love the drippy bits. And Pashi's story gave me shivers. How great that she can now smile.
I could only wish to have a gardener and housekeeper....

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Pashi is a beautiful woman! I am so happy she is away from her abusive relationship and working with you! I loveeeeeeeeeeee SC!! That is some amazing customer service!! Loving the sneaks!!

Lynette said...

It looks amazing...your mixed media is absolutely awesome. I am just starting to learn;-)

Lynnda Hosni said...

Pashi is a beautiful woman! I am so glad she is away from her abusive relationship and working with you! Bless! I love SC No doubt!! I cant wait to see the finished layout!!! Don't keep us too long Helen... hugs..xoxo

THERESA said...

That was just so sweet of you, you helped change her life for the better, wtg!!
Love the page, adore mists too, can't get them much here in PE, but then again, we are always years behind, lol
lotsa luv

Dara Lynn said...

One person can make the difference in someone's life...and you are that person for Pashi! Bless you!! What a great testimony of great customer service! I want some of those sprays and now know where to great customer service. It makes all the difference! :) I guess it's about making the difference ...some small and some huge..peace love!

Evgenia Petzer said...

Still surprisd to see you doing some mixed-media!
but u do it so well!

Heather Jacob said...

Oh Helen you always have such awesome interesting posts .. and what a darling you are helping another by giving them a job...she looks really happy now .. you are awesome, big hugz xoxo

Irini said...

Looking fabulous!!!!!!!!
I know what you men about Studio Calico the same happened to me with a punch it was not what I ordered but the team at Studio Calico told me to keep the wrong punch and sent me the one I ordered with my next kit!!...their embellishments are fabulous arent they???

Marjie Kemper said...

Gorgeous base! Love the texture and all the stitched parts... can't wait to see the finished page.

Mitra Pratt said...

Please tell Pashi I'll send her some garden gloves and I am totally envious of her job! I love "mans work" here. Itching to get into the gardens myself that are showing the wear and tear of snow cover and some bulbs are starting to push up now. You have a big Heart girlie! And I love your sneaks. I am sure I'll see them around blogland some where today!

OH, and I have all your stuff together to mail....btw! So, now to package and get to the post office!

Bellaidea said...

It`s a great idea to help wonan in need, so many of them are never given chance to change life.
Give her my best regards! Sawubona! from me to her!
I will come again to see all layout for shure! best regards!

Alison said...

What a happy, smiley gardener you have of the best feelings is knowing you have made a difference in someone's life..looking forward to seeing your LO!
Alison xx

Fluffy said...

I have to get me some texture paste, the background look fab and how happy Pashi looks. Great to be able to make a difference! Well done Tx

sandi said...

Lucky you...4 mists...worth the wait! :) Love the sneaks!

Eila Sandberg said...

LOVE the photo of Pashi! you certainly have made a difference in her life, just look at her radiant face! I bet your garden is the best kept garden on the block! Golly talk about excellent service!! Now I also know how you made the fabulous background for your UOAS page, really so interesting to learn all your tricks of the trade. Thanks for sharing! Hope everything is good with ya and the family? xoxo

Diana said...

So glad you were able to help Pashi get a 2nd chance.
And glad you're getting great service from SC. I always do!