Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Picasa 3.9 - Download it NOW!!!

Picasa is an enigma, in that it's FREE - like Blogger!  Well 
both are Google  products after all - so Google ROCKS - who
 doesn't know that?!?  Well, today I discovered that Picasa JUST 
GOT BETTER!  Who knows when  it happened...not me...I 
would have thought that it would update automatically but 
no such luck - I discovered quite by accident that Picasa 3.9 
is now  available here and it is AWESOME. 

 Check out the new effects!!

My daughter presented me with a selection of pretty darn cool
photos that she had taken OF HERSELF, BY HERSELF...
with a little help from my tripod, way to go clever photo girlie!

Obviously she has her priorities right & has been sneakily
watching me click away...a photographer in the making she is...

Did you hear that PIKNIK was closing down?
Well who cares when Picasa has all this now?!?

I was never a huge Piknik fan myself in any case,
having discovered the joys of Picasa many years ago.
So!!!  NO EXCUSES - Picasa is a free,
user-friendly photo-editing program that I use SO MUCH - 
you need this - get it now!!


Rachael Funnell said...

THANKS for Sharing!! We go & check this OUT.... ♥

Hayley said...

Ooh...thanks for this! I am a huge Picasa fan! I do love Piknik tho...so very sad its closing :-(

Dara Lynn said...

I loooove Picasa! Do you know how much I appreciate this tidbit of a newer version? MWAH!!!

Leonie said...

I haven't used Picasa for a while, been using IPhoto lately.
Might have to revisit it.
Thanks for sharing. :)

Mitra Pratt said...

LOVE IT!! Did you see the new pencil sketch feature? I've been using Picasa for years and it keeps getting better and better.

Lynnda Hosni said...

I miss ya Helen... and thanks for sharing!!!... hugs...xoxo

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I {{{heart}}} Picasa!!!

Michelle said...

I found it the other day when I went in to edit photos. I have been using Picasa for years. Nice that it has all of my favorite Picnik things!