Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tutorial - Prepare your Base Paper {Build your Page} - Go from DRAB to FAB {and a Question for You}

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I've decided to 
separate any of my construction photographs from my layout/
close up photographs and group them together in their own 
tutorial posts - this is so that my posts are shorter = win/win
all round and because then my "tutorial" label in my sidebar
 will link to tutorials only, rather than a tutorial within a layout post.

Here I am showing you how to prepare your base paper.
To take a layout from DRAB to FAB you need to come
up with ways to make it interesting.  If you are hoping to
win a challenge you need to go the extra mile - for example,
instead of just using a sheet of printed paper as your base,
cut it down a bit so that you have a border, ink the edges
of the inner paper and stitch or "faux-stitch" using a 
journaling pen - immediately you have MORE INTEREST.

Die-cut papers are another great way to add interest to 
your layouts.  Keep a sheet of each at the top of your 
stencil pile, to trace around if you want to make your own.  
Much more interesting than a rectangle!  Even better, ink it
 up (and who says you only need to use one colour?!)  I've 
used THREE colours here AND matted it with another 
printed paper then used some lace paper to add a 
stencilled effect around the edge, to build up my layers.

I used an inkpad to get this effect.

Don't be afraid to cut up your die-cut papers.  Often
they look better when you use only a portion of them.

Save on the cost of your braids by not running them entirely
underneath your photos - this saves on bulk too...

Rescue "not so great" photos by converting them to black 
and white. Try it and you'll see how much better they look!
When adding your title, think about ways to add interest to it,
for example embellishing it with braid as I have done here.


Now for the question!  I am considering teaching online
classes via video tutorials.  What I would like to know is:-

A)  How often do you take an online class?

B)  What type of classes are you interested in?
ie)  techniques and/or
actually making a page - anything in particular?

I would really appreciate some feedback on this - thanks!
I want to teach, I love the idea, but where I live there are
no viable teaching opportunities.  So I think online teaching
 is the way to go for me and that video tutorials will also be
 an interesting and valuable new skill for me to learn.  


Desire Fourie said...

Great idea. Loving this tutorial.

Lynette said...

Great idea to have tutorials for beginners. I don't go to classes and I like to do my own thing. I love your layouts maybe because it is so different from my own style.

Bernadine said...

Hel's I have always said I wish we lived closer so I could learn from you so I would be more than willing to pay you to learn from you.

Vicky Varvadouka said...

Oh, are SOOOO clever!!!! I will definately try that masking tip!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I don't take classes, not that I don't want to but there is economic crisis in would prefer to see the making process of a layout because that includes the tips ;)))

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeee how you did that masking!!! Just awesome!!! And sadly, I am NOT an online learner.. have spent the $$$ and it is totally wasted as I know I suck at it... I am a hands on learner!! lol!! I know that a lot of peeps would love to learn from you though!! You are awesome!! Blue Moon has classes now... contact them and see if you can do one through them to get your feet wet and see if you like it!!!

Dara Lynn said...

You are so right my friend when it comes to the details, and what a difference the base takes on when inks and sprays are added:) I loved this extra spark tutorial:) My favorite tutorials are what you just showed..kind of the "anatomy" of the layout. I enrolled in a monthly online class and cancelled after 90 days. The first month was totally awesome but as time as gone by...eehhhhh..sigh.

Erin Blegen said...

I have never taken an online class...but that could be because I had dial-up internet until a week ago. You would do fabulous at it- I personally wouldn't have the patience to stop and take pictures as I went, lol....
Nice work :)

sandi said...

You really make this look so simple! Love the end result! Just fab!

Bellaidea said...

I don`t but for shure will start with you!

tania said...

loved this step by step!! absolutely!! my layouts are so flat, would love to learn how to layer!! i suppose i would go for a class a month,depending on the themes or skills in the class!! this would be great:)

Violette said...

This is such a good idea! You are so talented, I'm sure your classes would be a great success!

I really like to see how a layout is made step by step cause sometimes the final result is so impressive that I just can't figure out how to come with such an interesting final product.

I also like technics cause that's what makes the difference between a nice layout and a Wow! one...

This beign said, I've never took online classes (or live classes actually!) so I don't know what would be the ideal frequence.

Alison said...

Great tutorial Helen...I've taken a couple of online classes...I prefer self-paced ones which share techniques and encourage making and sharing pages!
Alison xx

Denise Price said...

Congratulations on being featured at Inspire Me!

I've never taken an online class, but I think you would be a great teacher. Good luck with this new venture!

Mitra Pratt said...

go with what Julie says! And, everyone can hear your voice and your super accent!

KellyF said...

Great tutorial! I have never taken a (paid for) online class, but have on occasion watched video tutorials. I would be interested in techniques more than the making of a page...great idea, I'd love to see what you come up with!

Marjie Kemper said...

You've given such sound advice here about building up layers! Good luck with your class research. Your work is so fabulous.... I know people will want to learn more! I personally am usually in about one online class a month. I tend to like techniques more than specific projects.

yyam said...

You've such a fabulous style...I'm sure with the right marketing, there'll be loads of people lining up to take your classes.

MARILYN said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the featured at Inspire me!!!! Yessss!!! You are on a roll girl...Wooohooo!!! So Happy for you!!!! :) Great Tutorial!!! and I LOVE these photos and your page!!! Take care!!!

Eila Sandberg said...

Each month I sit for a whole day during a weekend going through all the new classes at Miss Art's. Some are really really good and I pick up bits and pieces, others I just browse. If I check out classes teaching how to make a specific LO, I go for the tidbits that I don't know already. Mostly I check out new techniques and ways of doing stuff. It's really irritating when there are background noices or when the sound is poor or one cannot see properly. But those things I'm sure you already know of! ;))