Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Adhesive Poll Analysis & a Sneak Peek!

Well first of all I'm just saying THANK YOU to all of you that
voted on my ADHESIVE POLL {voting still open all weekend}
I've been amazed at the steady stream of votes, comments and
even e mails that I've received on the subject - AMAZED!!  I
wasn't sure that anyone would even respond at all - 
gosh, I do love you guys!!

I've concluded that we're all the same - all in the same boat - 
all saving pennies where we can and all aware of the fact that,
despite the fancy tape runners, double-sided tape actually
rocks!  It gets on with the job at a very reasonable price &
we do go for tape runners "as a treat" now & again too!

Do you know that I had never heard of ATG??? 
{hangs head in shame...}  Definitely going to be adding one
of those, or a Glue Glider Pro, into my next online order,
just to test it out, although I doubt I could afford to make
too much of a habit of it the way I fly through adhesives...

As you can see I've got me quite the glue selection
- and that's only the half of it - 
{hangs head in shame again...}
Hahaha - not really - actually I am rather proud of my
 glue collection!!  And I have a shoebox full of glue-dots
too - can't live without them - and they must be original 
"glue dots" or "Zots" - cheap brands DO NOT WORK!

So thanks for the reassurance guys - just wanted to check
that I was going along on the right track.  I could relate to 
what everyone said & we all do kinda the same thing so
obviously we've "tried & tested" and come up with the 
same, if not similar, results. 

So it's a public holiday here today {Human Rights Day} - 
kinda weird in the middle of the week as kids go back
to school tomorrow and the boys each have a test to boot!!  
So I need to go cook them a delicious dinner (as in make
them a toasted sandwich) - gotta make hay while the boss
is away!!  Hubby is out of town remember...

So I'll leave you with a little sneak of one of my DT
projects that goes live on Sunday & I should be back
soon as I'm working on a couple more layouts right now!

Happy Hump Day!!


Leonie said...

OK putting my hand up here as someone else that hasn't heard of an ATG! LOl.
But thanks to Google I now know.
Sort of like the Papa bear of all tape dispensers! WOW that is big!!!
Looking forward to seeing the whole of this layout.
Cheers. :)

Lynnda Hosni said...

WOW... those are varieties I see...
CAn't wait to see the full sneak... cheeky!!! hugs...xoxo

Evgenia Petzer said...

I forgot to write you yesterday, but i voted.
I use mainly double sided tape in a roll, buy from chinese shop for veryyyy cheap, but they were going t close.. so will check.

all other stuff I glue with glossy accent, a bit pricy, but worth of it!

Desire Fourie said...

Glad you got peace of mind re the adhesives.

Lynette said...

I think my ATG gun was one of my most pricey buys...and the tape refills are quite pricey too.

sandi said...

Lots of different adhesives for sure! Love your sneak...can't wait to see the reveal!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

LOL you are sooo funny! Love the "hangs head in shame"!!! Classic! Interesting... looks like I haven't been missing out then - I use the tape rolls but I don't buy the fancy tape runners anymore - I ALWAYS!!! stuff them up! LOL!!!! :D