Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Please take part in my ADHESIVES Poll! {At the Top of my Sidebar}

Hi Scrappy People!

Just thought I'd add a quick poll to the top of my sidebar
 today as I'm trying to gain some knowledge about adhesives.

I find, ironically, that they are the most difficult scrapbooking
supply to get hold of,  locally & online!  I use various
 adhesives for different functions but use double-sided tape 
(on a roll) for the bulk of my work, because it's the cheapest 
option, but it's difficult to get hold of and some brands are
cheap and nasty, and - let's face it - it's not the most
high-tech or speediest way of going about it!

 I don't use a tape-runner - I tried a very well-known
 brand & it didn't work well in the dispenser & got all
muddled up in there :(  

Glue is too messy for me, although I do use it for certain
 tasks -  SO - PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  What is your
 "go to" adhesive that you simply can't live without?! 
 I really need to know!  Mine is running out & whatever
 I choose I will probably have to order in in bulk so I 
need all your expert recommendations - THANKS!

***My poll will be open until midnight EST on Sunday***

You can simply add your vote in to the poll in the sidebar but
if you have any additional comments to make you can add
them to this post - for example, where you BUY the adhesive
(or where you know it is available online - preferably from a
store that ships internationally - THANK YOU!}


Alison said...

DST for me mostly Helen, mainly because it's easy to get for our very basic local craft shops! I sometimes send for ATG tape but not often
Alison xx

Rachael Funnell said...

YEP! I added my Vote..
I Use a Double sided tape & double sided Foam (mount)tape both are on a roll.....
I get mine from my local otp Shop!!
So! Can't really help you there...

Cathy said...

I've voted for you on the poll but it's not a total true reflection... I use a number of adhesives for a number of purposes
1. Glue - buy an acid free white paper glue from PNA... works a charm for sticking paper (I tend to buy it in bulk just to make sure I have on hand and don't run out!)
2. Awful Tacky Tape - that red one... I use this ONLY for ribbons as it costs a fortune... it is awfully sticky and works like a charm. I get it when/where I can
3. I use a chinese brand of sticky squares for my photos which I used to get from PNA but they stopped stocking it... I bought in bulk from Shoestring Scrapbooking when she had it in stock... will need to get my hands on some soon as I am also running low.
4. Use foam squares for 3d effect... I got lots from previous scrapdays/conventions and managed to find some at PNA... yes my fav local shop for scrap/hobby stuff!
I do use double sided tape on a roll now and then... like if my tacky tape has run out... but I don't use it on my photos... my Mom does and she finds it works for her. Again I keep getting rolls from scrapdays so haven't had to buy in ages.

Sorry I can't be of more help... ie about online shopping internationally.... hope you do find something though.

Irini said...

Hi Helen, I too, use many adhesives ....I recently found some double sided tape on a roll real cheap! so i am happy. As refills for the ATG gun are expensive and difficult to find!!! plus sometimes it sticks and damages my pages argghhhh
A glue which I love and was introduced to it by Julie WT is this one dries fast and is just fabulous
that's my 2 cents worth!!

Nadia Cannizzo said...

done! I used to be addicted to tape runners, but now..its glue 90% of the time :)

Lynnda Hosni said...

ME used double-sided tape... time consuming... but cheap and strong!...hugs..xoxo

thubbard781 said...

Hi Helen
I'm a local girl too (Cape Town) and I converted to the ATG gun a couple of years ago and I use it for just about everything. If I do have small intricate gluing then I'll use the Tombow Moni Multi (green bottle) it really works well. I don't generally buy many things locally (as you know it's expensive) so I tend to bulk buy my ATG refills using a generic brand (in my opinion works just as well as the Scotch and is A LOT cheaper) I've used this company before - www.findtape.com and another one www.tapejungle.com (haven't tried them yet but they do ship worldwide)

Alia said...

Initially wasn't into glue either, but when I found ZIP DRY I fell in love. Haven't turned back. It's all I use. I find tapes don't always stick, and takes too long to roll or peel backings!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Interesting! I've voted - double sided tape - but I'd be interested on the result! I hope you are well! :D

Alanna said...

I love this topic of conversations! I use DST tape on a roll, mainly xpress it just because it's tried and tested and I know I like it. I also have a few rolls of their foam tape, but lately, have been using cheap foam squares I picked up in my local cheap shop. They're just adhesives after all, and they really go direct onto the back of photos as I always mat my photos.

I have used tape runners in the past and do currently have one floating around that I picked up on a sale with a few refills. I do love how convenient they are, but in the price vs convenience war... we all know who wins.

I rarely use glue. I used to hate glue sticks at school so sure as hell aren't going to use them now. I use liquid glue like Helmar 450 for bulky things. And mod podge for OTP work.

Umm... okay, I think that's my 2 cents worth done! :)

Lynette said...

I use Tombow or my ATC runner for sticking paper down. The Helmar runner for sticking trim down. Click and stick for adhering photos. Helmar Quick Dry for adhering metals and flowers. I get the Tombow and click and stick locally. The Helmar and ATC products from 2Peas.

sandi said...

Voted! I like the dots and glue for mine and I get them at a local crafting store!

Vicki said...

Double sided tape for me for the papers, Henzo photo splits for the photos and tombow for just about everything else.

Bente Fagerberg said...

I love love to use the wet glue for almost everything, but always choose the quick dry option. What a fun topic, Helen!!

Carin McDonough said...

I voted on the poll and said DS tape as that is one of my favourites but I use quite a few different glues! I use loads of DS tape as it is cheap and easy to use. I have an ATG gun which I love but the tape is more expensive than DS tape so I use that for photos and smaller pieces and use the DS for larger sections. I use a lot of foam dots for dimensional things and I really could not live without my glossy accents, I use that for loads of different things!. I also use a hot glue gun occasionally for larger items like chunky flowers etc and a Zig glue pen for sticking titles down. I am not sure about shops here that ship internationally but I would suggest ordering from the US if you are having to order internationally anyway as it is way cheaper than UK! :)

yyam said...

I spend so much money on acid-free papers so it's acid-free glues for me...dry tape adhesives for photos and wet glue. If I can wing it on a design, I use brads and stitch to save on adhesive.

yyam said...

I spend so much money on acid-free papers so it's acid-free glues for me...dry tape adhesives for photos and wet glue. If I can wing it on a design, I use brads and stitch to save on adhesive.

Jona Panesa said...

I use tape runner and DST for photos. my helmar glue for ribbons, buttons and other embellishments, foam dots if I want some dimension and usually always.

Mitra Pratt said...

I am using a new tape runner called Glue Glider Pro, love it for it's non jamming abilities, but not sold on it just yet to suggest. Our local store has really cheap tape runners but I throw them away for jamming all the time. So, sometimes photo splits. I really would like a great solution that was quick. All that above is only what I use for scrapbooking, the rest is a compilation of adhesives. I really wish the glue fairy would just leave me a huge basket of stuff to try and I'd get some good hands on experience!

Vicky Varvadouka said...

Great topic!!!
I also use various glues for different things...
However, as you know I don't have much free time so I don't use double sided tape because it gets on my nerves to peel it off (LOL).I only use the red one for ribbon or lace!
So, I can't leave without my ATG gun which I use for about everything..quick and strong! Otherwise, I put my layout together and when everything is in place, I use my hot glue gun and adhere it all down!
Tell us what you decide in the end!!!

Eila Sandberg said...

Heeelllo Durban! I've voted too. Most of the time I use double sided tape for my papers, sometimes also for the photo, but most of the time I use foam in different forms on photos as well as die-cuts. For my flowers and lace/ribbon, I always use my glue gun. I use glue dots only to make embellishments stay put while I'm checking out the placement of them before securing them with my glue gun. xoxox

Kerryn said...

I mostly use double sided tape. I've tried glue dots and tape runners but I always go back to the d/s tape.

Denise Price said...

Great topic, Helen! Like most people, I use a variety of adhesives, depending on what surface I need to adhere. But my favorite brand for all of it--photo splits, DS tape, liquid glue, glue dots, and photo corners--is 3M (Scotch). They have high-quality products, and they're a local company (though not all of their factories are local).