Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Decorated Foam Bath Bottle for LIndy's Stamp Gang! Plus the Foam Bath Recipe!!

Hi everyone!  So sorry things are a little slow on the blog at the moment. 
 They are certainly anything but slow behind the scenes & right now my life 
is ridiculously full & busy, so much so that I have even neglected my blog 
visits & comments, which makes me feel truly awful, please forgive me!

Each month at Lindy's Stamp Gang, we each prepare a project, along with a video tutorial,
as well as taking part in our monthly colour challenge. (You still have time to participate HERE - here are vouchers up for grabs for the winner & at times there are several
 voucher winners so please play along with us!!}

I'm still a video newbie so it takes me a long time to film,
 edit & prepare my video each month, so l keep the project 
sweet & simple so my videos are short & easy to follow.

You can see my blog post up on the Lindy's Stamp Gang
 blog  HERE, where I have the products I used listed 
& linked back to the store.

With it being so close to the end of the year I  focused on 
something easy to make as inspiration for those wanting to
 make handmade gifts for teachers, neighbours, etc, for Christmas.

You could decorate this bottle in 30 minutes & the possibilities
  are endless. You could use different doily styles, die-cut your
 own doilies,use different border punches on your central band,
 or use ribbon instead. 

 I have embossed the central panel so you could use various 
different stamps for this if you wanted to make more than 
one & have each design different.

Have you noticed the glitter in the foam bath?  
You can use Lindy's Stamp Gang glitter for that too!  
I have also included a recipe for how to make your own foam bath...

I recoloured my doily using Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Spray.
  I also recoloured the central band using more starburst spray, 
after I had embossed it using LSG Embossing Powder.

And finally here is my secret recipe :) 
 I researched home-made foam bath recipes online then combined
 my favourite aspects of each to make my own.  It worked out very 
luscious & I am certainly enjoying it!  I have a video up on my
 You Tube channel & will be posting that next.  

Thanks for stopping by & Happy Hump Day!


Lynnda said...

WOW... You are not only creatively genius.... you made your own foam bath too!!! how cool is that!!! You rock Helen!....Loving the foam bath bottle too...its beautiful!...


Lizzyc said...

I know life is getting crazy!! love the decorated bottle and that recipe sounds really lovely .. great gifts that is for sure!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is gorgeous! I love love love love the colors and the bling!!!!!!

sandi said...

These are sweet! Looks great and easy to make bath mix.

Lynette Jacobs said...

Very pretty project. You are so clever.

Mitralee said...

Beautiful! Love it! The Edible Glitter is GENUS! ;-)

Denise van Deventer said...

Very creative and cute! ;-)

Margaret Mifsud said...

This is gorgeous Helen!! That foam bath looks fabulous too ... love it!! oxox