Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas to you!

Hello Everyone!  Just a little note to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!  I hope you all have a wonderful time & take LOTS of photos!  Tonight we went out for a family dinner, one of our traditions the week before Christmas.  I took these photos when we got home.  The poor kids were tired & not really in the mood for them.  If you want to give yourself a good laugh right-click the photo to enlarge it & take a look at the startled expression on our kittens' face!  

BTW it's his debut here on the blog.  His name is Chives & strangely enough he has been welcomed into the fold like a long-lost brother (by our 2 female cats Cocoa & Daisy, who incidentally, can't stand each other?!)

 All our Christmas shopping is done.  This year I got it done well in advance because I now know from experience what the malls are like here come December!  Shane going overseas earlier in the month was a huge bonus too as he found almost everything on everyone's wish lists in the UK & managed to escape just in time, or he may have been stuck there, snowed in!!

We were gifted some cash by relatives so went out this week & bought a big shaggy rug for our lounge (I was so happy to say goodbye to our old one after more than a decade!)& a beautiful embroidered quilt for our king-size bed, so we have already been blessed beyond measure...Of course Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without one's favourite new scrappy supplies so I've chosen to take the plunge & try out PROJECT LIFE.  

I have been in a quandary about it all year & have been unable to decide on whether or not I like the idea or not.  To be honest I veer more towards "I don't" but I do see the advantage of it as something that is really achievable & think that it is very good value for what it is IF you are fortunate enough to live in America, or lucky enough to have someone there who can post it on to you.

The overseas option is very nonsensically overpriced but this year we have family on holiday in the States who are able to post it on to me so that was the deciding factor.  I couldn't resist a chuckle over the colour options - I chose Amber - that is very clearly yellow - golden at best - with no sign of orange in sight, as opposed to the Turquoise - that is most definitely Teal!  Makes me wonder if someone is colour-blind???

I have also signed up to the trendiest kit club on the planet right now - starting January 2011 - STUDIO CALICO.  I'm looking forward to the new community that comes with the kit club & the inspiration of their gallery - as well as the actual kits too of course - they have the best design team out there in my opinion.

I better sign-off now as I have an early start tomorrow as there is lots of roasting to be done ;-D

Have a wonderful day & remember the reason for the season!!


Vicki said...

Just sent you a message via FB. LOL. Yay for PL - what worked for me doing it was not sticking to a photo a day or even a week. I just did it as and when I had photos to put in and its full almost to overflowing at this point. Great to look back on and most certainly has not replaced my normal scrapping. Great photo of the kids and merry Christmas to you all.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful picture, have a wonderful christmas!!!

Jessy Christopher said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!! Your beautiful children always look so good and lil Chives is just too cute... eeekkkk!! Congrats on signing up to SC too, yeah they are one happening kit club around :)

Shayne said...

Such gorgeous pics.

Am very jealous about Project Life. Green with envy.

Have a very merry Christmas Helen. Hope it's a wonderful time with your family.


Bente Fagerberg said...

What a lovely bunch of Christmas lights!
Have a lovely Holiday-season!!

Cindy Lee said...

You've been busy, gal!! I'm sure your holidays were great! I hope it's not too late to wish you Merry Christmas :)