Sunday, 3 May 2015

Studio 75 Challenge 5 - Mixed Media Tag Challenge
Floral Tag using Rosalie in the Garden Collection

Hello all :)  There is a new challenge up since the 1st, over at Studio 75
HERE.  The only RULE is to use at least ONE mixed media product.
I used pink & copper ink as well as some Prima art sugar.

I actually really enjoy using tags even though I usually don't make them unless I have to.  
For this one I made it rectangular rather than the traditional tag shape, & I rounded
the corners, just for something a bit different!  I also sandwiched 2 pieces of card 
together with some box cardboard in between so that it is nice & sturdy.

The lovely die is from Prima of course.  I use my Big Shot to cut it out but always find
 that I spend a good 5 minutes with my awl picking out the negative spaces.  Not sure
 where the problem lies there but it does put me off using my dies a bit as it's quite
 time consuming.  Please let me know if you have a solution :)  I use 2 sheets of 
acrylic plus a sheet of metal I bought through Cheery Lynn Designs.
Despite that I still end up with most of the holes needing pushing out...

I used the Rosalie in the Garden papers & elements, which are very pretty, & can be
 found HERE.  So classically shabby that you just can't go wrong.  I like things a bit 
brighter so I always pick out the accent colour (in this case peach) & brighten it up 
a bit with inks.  The fabric tie at the top of the tag also a slightly brighter version
of the apricot colour of the Studio 75 rose elements.

These elements come on a strip & need to be fussy-cut out but it doesn't take long.
I used Prima flowers {the large & the small are all from Prima} as well as Prima
bling as additional elements on the tag, & underneath I used some rafia threads.

Pretty decadent huh?!
I will save this most probably for a "thank you" gift for someone,
along with a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates or the like :)

You don't need to use Studio 75 products but if you DO please
mention what you have used.  Prizes are always GREAT product
& the winners are chosen by the Design Team so please play along!


Romy said...

This tag looks amazing, Helen! I really love all your wonderful details on it.

Lizzy Hill said...

You ROCK 13 Arts. I think it's a match made in heaven for you....your creations are ALWAYS divine!! I use a folded over dryer sheet - those ones you toss in the dryer/airer to stop the static & make the clothes smell nice? usually in 1/3rds.....& then run through the same as you normally do. Seems to help get those pesky bits out:):)

Lizzyc said...

Your tag looks so pretty, love that doiley die and beautiful flowers! I use some wax paper that comes off contact - the plastic stuff that I cover my kids school books with and it helps release the paper from the die, and yes I still usually have to pick out the bits..

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! LOVING the doily and the flowers!!!!

Mitralee said...

Yes I have the same problem with my doily die from Cherry Lyn, but it looks like I should try some wax paper or a dryer sheet! Thanks for asking the question so I learned something! LOVE LOVE LOVE this tag, so pretty! I have a hot date with the post office this next weekt to post a box! Will send you a photo of the stuff first!

Kathy Bradley said...

Your tag is gorgeous and exquisite - lovely arrangement and colors! I was going to suggest wax paper - but Lizzy already mentioned it. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

First off - this can't possibly be a TAG can it???!!! Just kidding, of course, but... Dear me - Marjie - your little ole TAG is more than DECADENT... it's just plain SINFUL!!!!!!!!!! How DO you do it??? I mean seriously - if you put a box of chocolates with this tag - someone is going to wonder which is best... and if it were me... it wouldn't be the chocolates! Your tag is SCRUMPTIOUS. Just gorgeous. Wow. j.

Sandi Clarkson said...

oh, wow! very pretty!

Denise van Deventer said...

Definitely decadent and beautiful!

Val-Belle said...

Oh this is lovely I just love that doily. You are on such a roll.

Bellaidea said...

Beautiful work!