Wednesday, 29 October 2014

'Extraordinary' Canvas Pair for 2Crafty Chipboard
plus some simple Mixed Media Tips!

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Hello everyone :)  I'm back again today with a couple of mini-canvases I created
 for this month's projects at 2Crafty Chipboard.  You can see my actual post HERE.  

I now have them hanging on the wall of my studio & they remind me everyday to just be
 who I am & take risks & chances as I have always done with my art.  Thanks to staying
 true to that for the last few years I am happy to say that now I am heading in exactly the 
direction I want to go in irrespective of whether what I do is loved by everyone or not.  

I used tonnes of yummy 2Crafty Chipboard on these little beauties. 
 Behind the sentiments I have used a Polaroid Frame on each then trailing down
 from that I have used my favourite 2Crafty piece, the Berry Branch, on each piece
 too & at the top of each I have used an Ingrid's Frame.  I love the symmetry of 
them & the gorgeous dimension & texture the chipboard pieces add.  

You can read ALL the details of how I created these canvases & exactly 
what I did to treat the chippie, over on the 2Crafty blog if you are interested.  

There is just something magical about white chipboard in my opinion 
& coupled with chunky glass glitter you'll be in for the win if you ask me!!

I used Soft Gel Medium by Finnabair for Prima to treat the canvas boards before applying
 my Color Bloom Sprays & as a result there is some great texture & sheen going on!

I use a regular kitchen sponge (the small one that comes with the green scourer on top)
 that I cut into 4 pieces, to dab my white acrylic paint or gesso on to the top of my
 flowers (in this case white acrylic paint works fine & saves a bit of money for me 
as it is manufactured locally rather than the gesso that is imported).

Gauze is another GREAT addition to mixed media scrapbooking products & a pack of pharmaceutical gauze is one of the most inexpensive scrapbooking supplies you will ever buy :)

I often tone down my colours with White mist I make myself using thinned down white acrylic paint to mute the colours slightly & take the garishness out of my colourful creations. 
If you make your own don't make it TOO thin as you want to be able to flick it on
 & not have it be readily absorbed or it will start reacting with your mists all over again...
I just make it up as needed in a glass ramekin as it blocks up the nozzle of a spray bottle.

I am so happy micro-beads are back in fashion.  I have a tonne of them from years gone by & am loving adding them to projects using my glue gun.  If you are interested in 2Crafty chipboard you can email Vanessa at in Australia to find out how to get hold of 2Crafty Chipboard in your country, or if you are in Southern Africa you can buy it from ME :) 
 Just leave me a comment & I will get back to you asap!


Annie Claxton said...

Absolutely gorgeous Helen - I love the depth you've created with all those layers and textures and the fresh colours are wonderful - such inspiring words too :o)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sooooo gorgeous! I love love love the colors, the flowers and loving the quotes!!!!!

Val-Belle said...

These are perfect to remind you each day. I love the bright spring colours they are just perfect. Going to check out how you did it...

Lynnda said...

These are so beautiful Helen! You rock them totally! I can't blink my eyes!!!! Amazing! Hugs...x

Lisca said...

These are stunning helen! I love them! Thanks for the tips. I'm going to have a closer look how you did them as I want to learn about mixed media and get messy.

Athanasia said...

Amazing colors, quote, work ~ love it!!!

Margaret Mifsud said...

These are so gorgeous Helen, they must look fabulous on your wall. The bright colour, the lovely chippies, everything is just awesome!! Love, love, love!! ox

Mitralee said...

This is my second visit! Enjoyed it just as much this time 'round! Words to live by! Love the colors on these! So pretty!

yyam said...

Love the bright colours! And I love the watered-down gesso look too.

Denise van Deventer said...

Love the bright, sunny colours and gorgeous designs! The sentiments are just fabulous too! ;-)