Friday, 28 January 2011

My Top 3 CHA Winter 2011 Selections & my new Favourite Techy Thing!

Short & sweet today - just soooooooooo busy right now & need to scrapbook more than I blog this year!


LILY BEE (HAPPILY LOST) although I love all 3 new lines!


You will LOVE this new Firefox add on Bloggers - it adds a quick-share toolbar to your toolbars {just beneath them} & you can quick-share ANYWHERE - amazing!  HAPPY WEEKEND BLOGGIES!!!


Nadia Cannizzo said...

Yep..i should scrap more than I blog too..LOL. Helen, its so nice to hear from you. Glad to hear your holiday went well. I read the last post and it really sounded interesting. Something that indeed I could never imagine doing! Thanks always for your kind words. Cannot wait to see more creations from you..havent seen some in a while now *hint* get to it lady! LOL!!

Diana said...

How do you keep up with the new releases?! I start to but then get dizzy because there's just so much coming out all at once. Plus then I'm going to want the stuff...

Ella Swan said...

Nadia scroll down a post & you'll see that I have been creating! Have been sick & had a sick daughter too so that's the reason for the lack! Diana there is a thread on the SC Forum re the new lines - good place to jumpstart from but I also have a private blog that I refer to as my "launch pad" & have my 12 fave manufacturers in their own dedicated blog roll down the side ;-D