Thursday, 4 December 2008


Hello all you followers of Helen's blog. This is her husband speaking to all of you & I have to report that the motherboard inside her PC collapsed a couple of days ago rendering the whole computer unusable. Sadly, she will be out of action until such time as her beloved IT technician (ha ha) Anton, can replace it. He claims it will be a quick job, but his version of quick could be up to 10 days. We all hope not, because Helen without her PC is like tea without sugar (as my driver in Zim once told me). I don't suppose I can be of much assistance to any of you with respect to Helen's blog content, but if any of you want to know about 'obscure' but BRILLIANT music, I can certainly help in that department!! (Helen will kill me when she reads this... but she did ask me to post a 'bad news' message for her!!).


Vicki said...

Please pass on my commiserations then as I think she will be doing it hard without her computer. LOL

Anonymous said...

poor pc was overworked... hope it comes out of ICU soon!

Desire Fourie said...

Oh dear. Hope for your sake Helen is forgiving about your post. I also trust that she is back to speed very soon (perhaps a bit sooner than the 10 days prediction). Hugs from Desire

Anonymous said...

oh, comiserations Helen! but, OBSCURE but BRILLIANT music sounds interesting ... what are your recommendations Shane?...

The housewife said...

Ok, now I understand why my email was returned. hope you don't mind but I'll just post it here so that she can read it when she's up and going again.

Hi Helen

Thank you so much for your email.

I hadn't realized that the feed wasn't working so thank you for that! I decided to switch back to the old feedburner that I used before I changed the template of my blog. I couldn't find the reason why the new feedburner in the blogg layout didn't work and I'm too tired to spend time on it so might as well go back to what used to work.

If you have an account with - I found this very helpful (if you are interested)

I will pop over and have a read on your blog this weekend. I've just got back from my son's Christmas show so I'm exhausted, can't wait to climb into bed. You know what they say - thank Goodness it's Friday (well, will be in an hour anyway).

Chat later