Thursday, 18 October 2012

Video Tutorials - Feedback Please...! :)

So you know I've been thinking/talking about this for a long time
now.  I had a contract with Miss Arts Papercrafts to teach a 101 
class but sadly they closed online shop just before I started 
preparing for mine, which was coming up in a couple of months. 

 Now that I am working for My Creative Scrapbook Mixed Media team 
video tutorials may ultimately be easier for me to prepare than photo
ones, and certainly a lot more fun for others to watch too.

What do you think?  Do you watch them??  Which do you prefer???
Photo step-by-step tutorials or video tutorials?  Do you watch them?
Often??  I don't watch them regularly to be honest.  I don't have 
time!  And I can't go over 10 minutes or I just get antsy!! 
 So I'm aiming  for short and sweet but I have a lot to say,
 so those 2 don't go hand in hand!

And of course there are endless technical difficulties. 
 Nothing come easily for me... Drat!  Anyway, I persevere!! 
 So hopefully I'll manage to get something out some time soon!  
Meanwhile here is a VERY CUTE tutorial that I LOVE, 
taken from the most awesome ILS blog HERE.  

What do you think?  Would you watch videos under
5 minutes on this blog or not?  

Any feedback or advice you can offer would be much appreciated!

Thanks girls!  Friday tomorrow!!
Woooo Hooo!!!  I could sleep for a week,
but I have lots to do so I'll drink Red Bull instead LOL
{just kidding, never drunk a Red Bull in my life...}


paperpapier said...

the con - the 3x speed video made me dizzy, (maybe only speed up those non-essential footage ie cutting the papers)

the pros - there is no crap-talk, a clear view from the beginning-end scrapping process, a short but very detail video.

request: add product listing to the video, add a preview of the completed layout at the beginning of the video, a short instructions here and there.

Great video overall!!
Heaney xx


This video went too fast for my liking...almost a blur in some places! I sat patiently through Finnabair's 1 hour ustream-Prima videos because I was learning a lot from her. Why don't you make a sample video and then ask for feedback?

Keren Tamir said...

Helen this video is too fast. I do like videos with no words but I would choose slow classical music if any which is soothing. The music and the speed made me antsy. I do watch videos sometimes and I like them if they are short but slow.

Kelly Foster said...

The video is cute, entertaining, and upbeat. I will say though that I am someone who does not watch many tutorials, no time or patience, and I tend to learn more from my own trial and error than others. I also agree if someone were watching it for the purpose of learning, it's too fast, but to glimpse the creative process of that individual, it is perfect. I prefer upbeat music on tutorials, talking is ok if the person isn't stumbling too much :)
Best of luck learning! Interested to see what you come up with!

Tracey Sabella said...

Wow you fit a lot into a short video! I like both video and step by step tutorials. I probably would like your video better slowed down in some places with either a talked through or words on the screen telling me what you are doing. It was a bit fast for me at times to tell exactly what you were doing. How exciting to have the this fab opportunity!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

Heather Jacob said...

hey Helen this is fabulous, great touch with the music, put me in a uplifted mood .... well done .
I loved it the only thing it could be a little slower not much just a tad slower ....
maybe it is an age thing for me ..
LOL !!!!!
I really loved it though and may I say You have beautiful hands , lots of gentle energy within them. loved it Helen xoxxo

Laurence said...

I would say it's too fast too... Actually I don't often look at videos, I like to try things by myself, to search how things are done and I would say that I have rarely wished I had a video to learn how to make a whole page. I've already enjoyed videos about techniques though, like gesso/inked/mask background, on miss arts papercraft, or about mini books with sliding pages or other dynamical elements for which action was required and photos couldn't really show. About your video, I loved the music, I loved seeing that you were working on a smaller format (8x8 maybe?), I've been wondering for a short while what was that big red thing (sewing machine I guessed), if you added subtitles here and there (don't know how difficult it is...) and slowed down, it would be perfect. Congrats on this new achievement. And I hope my comment is not too long (after your blog post about how to blog, I'm watching myself) ! ;-)

Laurence said...

Yeah, should have seen this : Meanwhile here is a VERY CUTE tutorial that I LOVE, ... LOL
glad I'm not the only one that was fooled, I would have had the excuse of the language !!!!

Bernadine said...

If we lived closer we would come help. :) I prefer reading than to watching a video. Bernie

topkatnz said...

I agree don't watch much cos I don't have time. Would have to be 5min max.

Lynnda said...

I'm just like you.... 10 minutes is really precious... I do watch sometimes..on my bed just before zzzz..

But Helen.... this is fabulous...I love the great music.....put a smile one me....
I really love it !!! Thanks Helen.... YOu are amazing!!!.... Hugs...xoxo

yyam said...

I'm not keen on videos that show from start to finish the creation of a layout. It can get really tedious. It's okay if it's a canvas because you can really see how the layers add textures (like Christy Tomlinson's videos). I really own search YouTube for videos showing a particular technique. If it's 2 minutes, that's even better.
I think for start to finish layouts, photo tutorials are better.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I like it!!! I have only a few suggestions... but they go along with what others have said... it's too fast for me ... I am a techy idiot and don't know how to slow it down if I want to see something slower.... and I'd like to hear you talk :) That way I know your process! :)

Juliana said...

Best of luck figuring this out! I have tried several different things in the past and I have given up doing them. They just take so much time to put together. But if you do have the time, I would recommend that you do keep it short and that you talk. That was some of the main feedback that I had with mine!

Theresa said...

Helen, I watch videos all the time and love them. I don't know that they take the place of photos. I think they are a great addition to photos. I also saw that you wanted to keep them under five minutes. I don't know your reasoning for that, but I would rather have a longer video with more detail. It would be really helpful if you showed the end result first along with the products you used. Also you used some red thing that I couldn't figure out. I love your layouts no matter how you chose to present them. thanks as always for sharing.

Stefanie said...

I must be honest and say that the music got on my nerves, but then I like what I like. I don't usually watch videos (except Shimelle's sometimes) and yes I think I would like to hear you talk through your process.
Good luck with this exciting new step for you.

Denise van Deventer said...

Hey Helen...this video is blocked at work, so actually cannot comment on it! However, from my own experience I really don't actually watch video tutorials..sometimes I do..but not often. I prefer seeing a series of photo's that have explanations, to get the gist of the tutorial! That's my personal feeling on it! Good luck with your tutorials...I am sure you'll find a happy medium! xx

Kim Price said...

Hi Helen. I like watching video tutes which have been sped up but I have to agree that this is perhaps a little too fast. I did however really enjoy watching your creative process and I would be inclined to watch more videos if you were to make them :)

And your little layout is adorable!

Linda Eggleton said...

I would prefer photo tutorials for a complete layout step x step...but if you were wanting to do video tutorials for certain techniques, that would be awesome, Helen. Good luck with it all :)

Debbi Tehrani said...

Hi, Helen, I think the video was fun to watch, and the music made it more fun, but, like others said, it was so speedy. Also, for me, it wasn't that instructive. If I were to watc a video, it would be to learn a technique, and a video going that fast wouldn't really help me to learn it. I also prefer videos where the instructor is explaining what they're doing.

Good luck with your videos. I'm sure once you figure out what you want to do, you--and your viewers--will have fun!

Violette said...

I don't watch videos very often, mainly because it takes too much time. I prefer several photos with detailed explanations. This way I can just pass the parts that don't interest me (and I'm sure not to miss anything interesting me which may happen when fast forwarding a video).

Regarding this video, I like the music... but that's all. It is way too fast and explains nothing. The few times I watch a video, I like it to show the final result at the begining and then explain the process step by step and show the products used. I prefer when all this is written because as English isn't my first language it is easier for me to understand well (and often people tend to seek for their words and don't have a constant flow which isn't very interesting).

I hope this will help you with your reflexion. Anyhow, I'm sure you'll come up with something interesting: you're gifted to share your knowledge!

Mitra Pratt said... still have me thinking about the post you wrote a bit ago about blogging...LOL!!!

OK, on this, Julie did one on rolled flowers ages ago. Now I knew how to make rolled flowers, but wanted her video because I thought it made a lot of sense and then I didn't redo her work so linked back to her. The part I REALLY thought was cool was that Julie was talking and being Julie. Well, plus her little helper. I'd go with the talking part, you have a great voice.

Sarah said...

OK Heres my 2 cents worth. I never watch videos - no time or patience lol, but I was curious about this and You know what I really liked it! It was entertaining, upbeat and not too long. I still prefer photo tutorials though - it is easier to refer back to steps that you haven't quite got :)
Have a great weekend xx

Marjie Kemper said...

Great question! I like occasional videos but as you said, time is of the essence. Even 5 minutes is a long time. I imagine you have a pretty broad range of viewers, and perhaps some who are newer to the craft would like a long drawn out video whereas others may need less instruction and prefer a fast-forward.

I do like stepped-out photo tutes and I think you excel at them. Your photos are crisp and clear and focus on so many of your gorgeous detail work.

I did find this music to be a bit too fast tempo... a bit more mellow would be something to consider.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Paula F.P. Simionato said...

Dear Helen, I liked the page and the tutorial,the music is fantastic, just think is too fast for begginers and a little bit fast to be really apreciated.


Eila Sandberg said...

Thanks for this example of a video that you have seen online and like. As so many before me, I think it is too fast. The best tuts I've seen are by Lydell Quin, Janine Koczwara, Irene Tan and Julie Winks. Nice and slow, with them talking it through and explaining the process and effects of the products used/chosen. First showing the end result and then taking it from there. Definitely want to know what products are used. Speeding up the tempo during paper cutting, glueing, drying and all the base steps. I use the fast forward during steps that I know or am not interested in and then take it from where I learn something new or a detail I want to study closely. Can even backtrack if something catches my eye. I like both videos and some other times I prefer step-by-step photos. Good luck darling, sooo much time and work invested! phew! xoxoxo