Thursday, 18 October 2012

Funky Camera Straps & Camera Bags for Photography Divas!

Hi there ladies!  I'm off the airwaves for a couple of reasons.

1.  We have a line fault on our phone/ADSL line that means
that the internet is coming and going and incredibly slow 
when it is running.  Hence this week has been a tad frustrating
as it's taking forever to get simple things achieved.

2.  I'm trying to learn a new skill - how to make, edit & upload
video tutorials successfully on my own.  I'm sure it will be easy
once I've mastered it but for now I am getting nowhere fast &
it is causing me to get behind on the actual job of creating, of
which there is a lot :)  So bear with me - I'll be back!!

In the meantime I have something worth sharing.  
Information you may know nothing about - I didn't until
I took an online photography course & these beauties
 came up in the forum.  

I bought THIS Black Rapid Camera strap a while ago.  LOVE it...
Read all about it in more detail HERE.  This really is a fancy
gadget and makes life SO MUCH more comfortable if you're
a woman {especially one with assets bigger than a B cup}.
  You can see instructional videos of how to fit and
use it HERE.  Serious comfort!!  A GREAT investment.
Next up - camera bags!  Yes there are a few sites around &
quite a few 'pretties' out there online but this one is CLASSY.
I bought mine HERE.  It was a birthday gift from hubs to
me a while back.  It is seriously OOOOOH LA LA!!! See all
the deets and the video HERE

I see they have it in a print now too....ooooooh....
And a smaller one too that is really rather nice as well.
See it HERE.

Christmas is just around the corner...
If you are in need of snazzing up your camera gear
you know where to go now!  Have a good day!!


Erin Blegen said...

Yep, video tutorials is something I'm trying to figure out- but considering I can't even get my video from Picasa onto YouTube, I'm thinking I'm in trouble! If only these things were easier...and that there were more hours in the day...


sandi said...

Snazzy stuff...would make great gifts for sure!

Denise van Deventer said... the bags and the strp Helen...but ths shoes...NOW that's my thing!!!! he he he

Mitra Pratt said...

Sorry, was distracted by the pretty red shoes...

I think you'll totally LOVE doing videos when you get the hang of it. You have the COOLEST accent...

Not cool about the internet issues, that has happened to me before, makes you batty!