Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A Really Bad Situation :-(


I had a whole other post planned out in my head for today & wasn't going to share my woes with you but the photos I have just uploaded to Picasa & edited especially have just disappeared when I clicked "export!" & my e mail has packed up entirely!! So... this is the lowdown!

NO COMPUTER! I switched it on on Monday morning - ready to complete some challenges due in by the end of August {needed to print them out then scrapbook/photograph/upload & blog them then link up} desktop! All gone...

All my icons/shortcuts/folders...pfffft...into oblivion. Phoned my local IT dude who can never seem to lead me through it over the phone so spent 2 hours fighting with leads under my desk until I could finally extract the box.

One good thing that has come of it all is I now have all the leads untangled, cable-tied & labelled!!! Took my baby to the hospital {aka the computer repair centre} & was told it had a virus. Me no panic because dude always tells me that & scans it overnight then tells me it didn't have a virus.

So I leave it for scanning, with strict instructions to him to phone me before closing time as I HAVE to collect my pc to use the following day, to finish up my challenges {he has shown me where all my desktop stuff has been dumped & I have to keep fishing things out of my C drive, unable to restore anything myself...}

After spending hours in hospital only 1% of my pc had been scanned...hopeless!!! So I took my baby home, very frusterated...then the power went off! Yup, 12 hours of provincial power failure - major fault!! Our dear alarm started blaring in the morning when I tried to switch it OFF {because it was beeping continually...} only for it to switch itself ON & refuse to shut up for 3 hours!

We all had to get ready for school in a reverberating house with a blaring siren right outside my bedroom door & 3 cats running around with tails in the air, like they had all been electrocuted! Once out I couldn't bear to return home until the thing was fixed & many frustrating calls to the security company later, finally resulted in a technician arriving 3 hours later.

After that start I hooked up my computer again & no e mail ;-( Won't allow me Ooooh how I could strangle something right now!!! Something wonderful happened today, amidst all my disappointment, but I want to keep that for another post when I have my photos to go with it ;-D So for today it's only the bad news I'm afraid.

No more blogging. No more blog hopping. DH is away on business with his laptop & DD is in the middle of exams & permanently attached to her pc so I am going to focus on other things until my technological nightmare is over. I do hope that all my "stuff" can be restored. Fortunately I have all my photos backed up on my external hard-drive so I am not worried about that.

Finally DH has realised that I can't continue fighting with this old horse any more & we are going computer shopping when he returns, over the weekend. I am just not looking forward to having to restore stuff or start from scratch on anything. I just hope that once everything is transferred all my stuff will be where it is supposed to be but of course I have a sick feeling some of it won't be ;-(


Lynette Jacobs said...

Oh dear...the stuff of nightmares...I cannot for the life of me imagine an alarm shouting for 3 hours, that alone would drive me insane.

I hope your baby will be well soon and that you will be back;-D

tania said...

agge shame. . .:( what a mess!!!
hope you get the one you want and that they do a propper job in back-ups.
you keep on scrapping in the meantime:)

CathQuillScrap said...

Ouch is about all I can say... these things are sent to try us! But at least you will be getting a new one at the end of the ordeal.

Sasha Farina said...

o dear.. that sucks. hope your puter will be restored soon!! *hugs*

Jessy Christopher said...

Sorry to hear bout your situation and these days it is really sucks without a lappy/pc. I'm gonna miss your post & I do hope that you will find a replacement soon! Meanwhile, take care hun!

Pearl said...

o grrl ! what a time ! what a time !

I definitely see some lightbulbs going there at the end ! you going 'puter shopping ! yippee !!! woot ! till you get back online ! no worries !

I hope you get happy mail from this side of the pond already in the meanwhile !

Ella Swan said...

Uuuugh...still waiting...soooooooooo frustrating I don't know what to do with myself! New pc is on order but still waiting for it, then have to reload everything!!! Grrr indeed...and can't blog from this here hubby's laptop 'cos have none of my content & most of the time he is busy on it anyway. Definitely I feel like a druggie in rehab - major withdrawals ;-(