Monday, 29 June 2015

♥Sharing my Heart♥

Hi everyone!  It's been a long time since I've shared a truly personal post here.
Life is such that I struggle just to get my Design Team posts published within 
their time frames let alone have extra time to sit & compose something else.
I also decided, a long time back, that this blog would be about my artistic
journey with a smattering of personal content but not about the rest of my life.  

I love my blog, Facebook page, FB Public page, Instagram & of course all my
Design Team involvement.  If I ever had to stop it it would be very sad for me,
because I have made some wonderful friends that I truly treasure & I get so 
much "soul" support here & elsewhere online.  

Recently I have been facing some personal challenges but hoping always
 that the situation would turn itself around.  Unfortunately it hasn't but 
rather has now become something very uncertain, difficult, 
challenging & time-consuming.  Not something easily solved.

I have had a wonderful time recently with some truly fantastic news
 & great successes coming my way in June & am so thankful to
 have had a few days on top of the world with my Prima news, 
before "real life happened"again.  I got 3 days of euphoria!!  

On Thursday came some devastating news that came as a complete
 shock, out of the blue.  It has nothing to do with scrapbooking but 
rather my very real life & family.  The reason I am talking about it
here is because it means I will most likely not be able to be such
a good friend as I have been to many in the past. 

 I may not be able to return your comments, read your posts & be 
as much of a support as I have been previously (although of late I 
haven't been the best!!).  Please know that 'It's not you - it's me'

It's taken this weekend to process the information/situation
& I have been trying to continue as normal.  I am still with 
all my design teams & doing my best to keep my head above
water & will continue to do so as far as possible, for as long 
as possible. I do not have a terminal illness - just to
make that clear :)

 I know I am not the only person in the world
to face a setback.  At this point I can't discuss the details
of what has happened because it makes me a) too sad
& b) I don't have the time because I'm busy doing my 
best to try to fix it so just wanted to let you all know :)

There will come a time when I will share the story here
I guess, because it means my life will change, but for
now please do not worry about me, just know that
if I am not 100% on top of things all the time 
there's a reason for it...


Desire Fourie said...

Dearest Helen, please know that you are in my prayers and thoughts and may He give you the strength and courage to deal with this. He puts obstacles in our paths that He knows we will be able to deal with. Remember you are not alone and reach out if you need help xxx
Caring hugs
Desíre {Doing Life}

Dale Tiernan said...

Gosh, I'm sure this happens to lots of us, myself included. Life can be a real challenge. Some years are better than others. Hopefully your situation will gradually improve and happiness will return. Simplification can be a good answer. Thinking good thoughts your way.

yyam said...

Hope things work out for you my friend. Thinking of you...

IrinaR (Irina Rakovets) said...

Strength and patience, Helen!
Everything will be fine !!!!

Alison said...

Sending hugs and prayers that you find you find the strength and wisdom to deal with your current situation....just remember what a strong person you are! Xx

Lizzy Hill said...

Oh, Helen - life was meant to try us in more ways than one. I am glad that you are fine healthwise....well, terminal illness healthwise, that is. I'm sure with your strength of character and determination you will sort this out so that you can 'manage' it to the best of your ability. I know you have a strong faith in God, so I'm hoping that this will guide you in how you react, what you do and the course you decide upon. Blessings and thinking of you......xoxo

Margaret Mifsud said...

Oh Helen, so sorry that some things in your life are not going well. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers and I will be hoping your situation will resolve itself very soon. Stay strong my dear friend and make sure you look after yourself. Love and hugs xx

Denise van Deventer said...

Hey girl...really sending you lots of love, blessings and asking the universe to just overload you with abundance!!!! xx

Lizzyc said...

Hi.. I really hope this chapter of difficulty will be short and filled with victories and sparkles of joy and positivity. Things come along our path and we have the option of stopping, going around the mountain or climbing and conquering it. I hope you conquer it... Take care of yourself, I send you strengthening prayers and love.. You will continue to inspire and we are all here with you.xx

Violette said...

I'm sorry to read this Helen. I send you lots of love and wish you that everything will turn out for the best.

Kim Ewins said...

Sending you strength to get through the times ahead, Helen!
Love and hugs to you❤️

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sending you hugs and prayers!! Know that we are all here for you if you need us! :)

Jean said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Sandi Clarkson said...

I'm so sorry, Helen. Sometimes life is truly hard and you wonder how to put one foot in front of the other. This past year I have had to really lean on God and just be satisfied that He is with me. Big hugs.

Unknown said...

Helen - Sending you this scripture:

Psalm 27:13(NASB)

I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord.

BELIEVE that you will AGAIN see the goodness of the Lord. He has a plan for you and somehow, someway... He will show you the way thru this hard challenging time.

You are in my prayers. And hey, we don't need 100% - we are just happy to hear from you when it's best for you. BIG HUGS. j

Kris Berc said...

Keeping you in my thoughts, Helen!

topkatnz said...

Hi there, was looking forward to a newsy post just like the old days. Instead this. Thinking of you. Wondering. Hope everything will be ok. Big Hugs from and old friend.xxxx

Kathy Bradley said...

I have not met you personally, but through Facebook and your blog - you have given me so much inspiration and so many wonderful comments - that I feel as though we are friends. Whatever difficulty you are facing - I know you will overcome and conquer. Look at all you have accomplished as an artist - and I read one of your blog posts that said that it took time - but you were determined. So, be determined now and keep your spirit and faith strong. I will keep you in my thoughts and daily prayers.

Mitralee said...

huge hug from NY...message me if I can be of any help in any way! Stay strong girl!

Sabrina Scrapbook said...

Helen, I pray everything will turn out good soon. Be strong and take care. Much love, Sabrina.

dstandard said...

Hugs and prayers for strength for you to deal with what you need to deal with!

Valia Katzaki said...


Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Hugs. Mine might only be virtual but know you are thought of and I would give you one in real life. They make you feel better even when things might not be. Hug those around you that love and support you. Sending you a big giant bear hug for good measure.

The Colour Press said...

Life has a way of sending curve balls our way just as something else seems to b goin well. My thoughts and prayers with u. He will you the courage to overcome difficulties and come out of this phase with more strength and a happy heart. Hugs.