Monday, 15 June 2015

Make Good Art Art Journal Page for 2 Crafty Chipboard

Hello again & Happy Monday!
I hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!

Personally I LOVE weekends.  Like, REALLY love them!!!
I get to be creative for so many hours on end it really is a decadent luxury!

My children are in their teens & twenties now & often out & about "jolling" as
 we say here, so I wait up for them & scrap away into the wee hours!!  
I created this page on one of thosevery nights, when all was quiet 
& I got to lose myself in something I love ♥

The quote "Make Good Art"comes from the very famous Neil Gaiman speech HERE.
It's 20 minutes but the best 20 minutes you will ever spend if you are creative & wanting
encouragement.  I have lost count of how many times I have watched it.  I practically
know it off-by-heart now!  Whenever I am feeling discouraged I watch it & weep!!
Okay I don't actually weep LOL - it just gives me goosebumps...

I think I'm finally getting the hang of art-journaling & this is definitely my favourite
 page so far {I am just an art-journal "dabbler"so have only done a handful of pages}.

You can see my post up on the 2Crafty Chipboard blog HERE where I have quite a few
***tips & tricks*** for you on how I got that whole background thang going on...

Art journaling is really FUN & a great way to EXPERIMENT with new techniques.

I have a large {A4} art journal I bought a few months ago & am trying to do a couple
of pages a month to keep practicing.  I love paging through it & it will make an 
awesome keepsake for my kids one day.  I am focusing on quotes that are
really meaningful to me & my life so it will be a significant piece of family
 history LOL!!!!  That sounds far too serious but you know what I mean :-p


Lizzy Hill said...

Great page Helen.....& great way to approach your art journaling I Reckon, too.....I hear you with the weekends. Although I simply cannot stay up late these days!!!

Lizzyc said...

Ah yes I remember it well, waiting up to know the little birdies are safe back in the nest... I used to scrap, then tramp down the hall and then go back again... what is it about mums, we just do not get off to deep sleep until we know the kids are inside...??? Love your page, the back ground looks amazing... love the image you have used too!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooooo gorgeous! LOVING the colors and the textures!!!!!

Kathy Bradley said...

Gorgeous - the texture and colors are wonderful. I remember waiting up for my son, reading a book, watching the clock!

Unknown said...

so #tumblr! My mum is on point! xxx

Denise van Deventer said...

Aaaah girlfriend...this is Good Art! ;-) Beautiful and stunning colouring!Beautiful textures too! So glad you get some ME time and get to create lots! I must really go and watch that video a little later..... I bought an art jounral pad a few weeks ago, but I have not had time yet to try and start something! My weekend is already full of things I need to finish and get noted! ;-) Have a super one! xx

Eila Sandberg said...

No late nights for me, I'm an early bird instead. Such DELISH colours and textures, totally love it!! xoxo