Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Never Explain Yourself Layout - 7 Dots Studio

Hi again!  Back today as promised with a tutorial on how to put this page together.
Looking at it finished it looks quite complex but let me walk you through the steps
so you can see that really it is just like baking, follow the recipe & it will turn out similar!

This mist is pretty pale.  Give it a good shake up before you begin!
Side to side like ringing a bell remember?  Never up & down...

I used that thick sheet of 7 Dots Paper {above left} to reinforce my page,
 by gluing my base paper to it then rolling over it, after I'd applied my mixed
 media, to get it nice & flat again & make it strong & easy to work on.

I am always on the look out for local things I can add to my pages to pad out
my imported embellies.  Dry-wall tape & paper straws are 2 of my "go-to's" ATM.

I always work with a set-square to keep things straight & at right-angles to each other.
I eyeball a lot too but sometimes being just slightly off really bothers the eye so
I prefer to play it safe than be sorry as I like to use STRONG adhesives!!

I use my glue gun A LOT - mainly because glue-sticks are readily available here
& I have a source where I get them at a really good price!  None of the nice tacky
glues I see other people using are available here although there is a good 
Bostik GEL glue but again, for me in Durban, it is difficult to find here
 but easy to find in Joburg & Cape Town apparently...

And here it is again just to remind you!
So not so tricky now is it?!
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial today!!
Thanks so much for visiting & see you soon :)


LauraVi said...

Great page, truthful quote, perfect tutorial: thank you for the inspiration!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Your process always inspire me...gorgeous page...awesome embellies.

Cariena said...

this is really a beautiful page.... simple and elegant with just enough "noise"..... love it!

Lizzyc said...

This looks beautiful.. I love the chipboard pieces and the straws too.. thanks for the step by steps, your layout came together so wonderfully!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You are simply amazing!! I just loveeeeeee this so much!!!!

The Colour Press said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Set square is a v handy tip.

Helen Wallace said...

Beautiful work and nice to see a page about you making the airwaves. Love the chippies and the quote and thanks for the step by step tutorial. :D

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Another beauty! Wonderful layering and great tutorial!

Val-Belle said...

I really love this layout and I especially love that quote. It is always nice to see how others work. I need to develop some kind of system I just got with the flow... I love the straws and I love the bostick gel. I really love the pritt gel and then they took it off the market and now I see it is back again so I will have to keep my eyes open. I have tried a glue gun but it gets so bloody hot and I always end up with really bad burns :P

Sanderijn de Bruin said...

Really beautiful layout, clever composition and thanks for sharing the tutorial!

LucianaW said...

Thanks for sharing Helen!!! Beautiful page!

Denise van Deventer said...

Super sentiment...super design, super styling...just beautiful! Love the step by step too! Fabulous! ;-)