Thursday, 12 March 2015

"ART ROCKS" Layout - 2 Crafty Chipboard
Guest Design Team at Scrap Around The World!
PLUS How to Make Good Art

Yup I am Guest Designing at my own challenge blog :-p
Scrap Around The World - Sometimes it happens LOL!!
As a Design Team member at 2Crafty Chipboard I am sharing
 another layout based on the awesome March Mood Board from 
Terhi Koskinen, this time focusing on 2Crafty Chipboard products.  

A reminder of the mood board!  I used the colours, the sentiment 
{in that I scrapped something that definitely brings sunshine to my soul},
 the twine, & the chevrons thanks to a 7 Dots Studio stamp! 

TIP  Instead of mists I used inks on my background,which is a better way if you 
are wanting to create a cleaner looking layout.  I love the Prima Ingvild Bolme
 inks, they are a great shape to handle & always very full of ink.  

Once I had inked over my stencils I flipped the stencil over then laid it down
 & rolled over with my roller to pass over some of the excess ink rather
 than wasting it.  ***CHEEKY TIP FOR BACKGROUNDS***

My sticker sentiments & stamps come from 7 Dots Studio Illumination - 
a really great collection. This is a page about my art, the process & my feelings
 about it.  It is an important thing for us to document I think & often something
we are so busy doing we forget to make a record of our own artistic journey! 

For anyone wanting to achieve a level of proficiency in anything it requires
 10 000 hours.  I have put in that & more to my craft.  For some people it 
comes more naturally than others but I have specifically left my archived 
posts here from when I began blogging in 2007 to show my journey.

It irritates me to hear "I wish I had the time/money to scrapbook" from people 
who clearly have the time & money for other things.  We can all be who & what 
we want to be, if it is important to us & talent is practically worthless without 
consistency, hard work & the determination to succeed.  

You can read, watch videos & talk about things until you are blue in the face
 but learning comes from doing so above all else my advice is to push 
yourself to create.  For me I have done that by being on Design Teams, 
with deadlines, that I could not miss.  

Hope I have encouraged you to MAKE GOOD ART!


Lizzy Hill said...

Inspiring post, Helen.....nice little tips & lovely, LOVELY page .....weird Guesting for yourself!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Gorgeous! LOVING the colors and the circles!!!!!!

Margaret Mifsud said...

Love this page!!! Not just the design but the whole concept ... absolutely brilliant and all so true!! Love the tips as well!! Great inspiration here!! Thank you Helen!! xx

Helen Wallace said...

You're on fire Helen....LOVE this artwork and I love your words. Yes, it takes time and yes it takes money and yes we learn by doing....all the people said Amen.

Lynette Jacobs said...

Love the page, sentiments and the tips...thank you kindly ;-)

Mitralee said...

You are really really on a roll here with these! This page surprised me in a really good way! It just beautiful to me with the simple bright colors! Really dig it! Hugs for sharing!

Val-Belle said...

Awesome mood board and I love the colours. How cool to GD at your own blog. I really want to play along but time is not on my side at the moment. I can barely keep up with my blog visits... Love your layout and the quote is so true.

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

This is a cool take on the MoodBoard! I am totally digging it and not really your usual style. Fab post and words of wisdom, Helen. You are always an inspiration.