Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Art Meme - Let's Play!

*As the late great Andy Warhol said "The earth without art is just "eh"
Well I feel the same way about a post without a photo!  
So here is a sneak of something coming up soon!!*

Hello everyone!  Happy Hump Day!!  Right now things are busy busy at 
Scrap Around The World because it is votes correlation time & Muggins 
here does the honours for that!  Hence no creative time these last few
 days & nothing to share.  

However I would like to keep my posting regular - new resolution - hope it lasts!!
  So I am stealing an idea from a great blog to follow - Mixed Media Place - HERE.
  If you decide to follow & do the same please add your blog post link to my
 comments so I can come & take a read.  I am doing a bit of traveling soon
 & the road trip will be the perfect opportunity for me to take a read of your
 posts & get to know you better!  Signal pending that is...
 Living in Africa one never knows!!

1.  FROM - Zimbabwe, a small country in Southern Africa.  
Living in South Africa {a big country in Southern Africa} since 2006.  

2.  Always on my work table - A mess.  My family use it as a dumping ground for 
interesting "found" objects, ranging from vegetable packaging to the cardboard that 
reinforces 6 packs of beer.  {going to make a mini-album with all those one day...}

3.  Favourite Colour Palette - I don't have one.  I adore colour but always
 on a pale base so it pops!  Neutrals are also awesome, but texture is my jam. 

4.  Favourite Creations - Layouts, canvases & art journal pages, in that order.

5.  I am inspired by - Amazing blogs, other artists, songs, 
quotes & things I see in my everyday life.  

6.  When I see a blank page or canvas - I feel calm & excited
 at the same time!  Like an addict about to get a fix...

7.  Cats or Dogs - Cats - 4 of them! {& everyone elses} ♥

8.  Tea or Coffee - Tea all day.  Coffee when I am out.

9.  Simple or messy - I keep my workspace in good order when I am NOT
 creating, but my creations are messy.  I love intuitive art & watching
 things unfold through experimentation. 

10.  I'm dreaming about - Going back to Bali. If I could I would
 live between Ireland, Bali & Paris.  Oh I can dream!!  


Lizzy Hill said...

What a neat idea! Mind you, the answers didn't surprise me;) A road trip eh? That sounds fun!!!! And good on you for keeping up the blogging ,too:)

Lynette Jacobs said...

Interesting answers. Bali...a laid back kind of life.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the sneak and your Q&A!! So fun to read more about you!!!!!

Val-Belle said...

Yip... nice to find out more about people. I am going on a trip too a LONG trip... three months in fact.. Ireland and France are on the list, plus Brussels, Prague, Rome, Milan Barcelona, Valenca, Croatia and UK... Portugal too. I will need it after the wedding :P

Jean Bullock said...

Bali, Ireland and Paris? That would be fun.

Mitralee said...

Mitralee said...

Gave you my blog post, enjoy your trip! ;-)

Margaret Mifsud said...

Great read Helen!! Maybe this is the sort of thing I should try to do when I have nothing I can show (That seems to be happening a lot lately!! LOL!!) Even having problems trying to keep up with blog visits which is a bummer. It's always nice to find out more about people! Loved this!! x