Thursday, 19 March 2015

What to do when you create a layout you hate!
Plus a Look at Said Layout!

There is nothing more frustrating & disappointing than having an idea that you 
can't see through into reality.  It SUCKS & I KNOW you all know what I mean!!

I created this layout with the intention of entering it into this month's Prima
 BAP challenge, but as I went along with it it just got worse & worse!!

Prior to getting going on this I had had a 10 day scrapbooking hiatus due to being away.
For me this definitely has a negative effect on my efforts.  I guess it's like not going to 
the gym for your daily workout for over a week, then going back again.  
The first time is bound to be tough!  So what to do??

1.  Before starting on an important page create a tag or art journal page instead.
Consider it a "warm up"before the real thing.  Like a bit of creative stretching
before the marathon begins.  If I had done that I probably wouldn't have
created such a busy, unbalanced layout!

2.  Accept defeat but finish off the layout for your personal album, just don't enter 
it in the challenge!  As you all know, Prima challenges are pretty competitive 
& I really didn't think this layout did me any favours, but of course I am
 happy to add it to my son's album, so all is not lost!!

3.  Spend a bit of time online browsing your favourite blogs or Facebook Groups.
"Paper People"is a fantastic group of over 9 000 papercrafters from around
 the world & the sharing there never stops so it is my first port of call if my 
mojo is running low.  If you're not a member request entry!  

4.  Restrict your colour palette, or if it is too late, use gesso to tone things down.
Gesso is an absolute life saver for me at times when I get too enthusiastic with
my colours.  I have made up a watered down gesso mix into a spray bottle that
I use to literally "hose down" anything that ends up too loud & garish.  

5.  Whatever you do, don't throw away a page full of expensive supplies!
I have done that twice in 11 years, so really, it is an extreme action!!
I use a STRONG glue that is very unforgiving, as I am a decisive 
& brave scrapper, but on these rare occassions when nothing is
 making me like my work, I have to lump it & live with it.  

6.  Just like riding a horse & falling off - my best advice is to hop
right back on straight away!  You've had your warm up now 
after all & your second attempt is bound to be much better.
Mine was!  (See yesterday's post!!}

Any other tips on how to rescue creative disasters?!?


Lynette Jacobs said...

You actually saved it...and it looks wonderful. You are much to hard on yourself.

Annie Claxton said...

Well Helen, I do much prefer the version you posted yesterday, but this is nothing like as bad as you feel it is. However, I can totally relate to that thing where the page refuses to come out "right" and you hate it and feel like you've wasted time and supplies. I try to see it as a useful lesson but I have also been know to tear it all up in frustration! Thanks for the tips and for sharing your "fail" - it's good to know that even one of my scrapping heroes gets it wrong sometimes! :o)

Lizzy Hill said...

LOL!! Oh YEAH! I know what you mean!! I've never thrown a LO out.....but I HAVE covered the whole thing [lumps and bumps of embellies included!] with black gesso. That's my most extreme!!!! But honestly, so many times I don't like a page & others do, that I don't think there's really a 'bad' page....& this one is nice, Helen! Love the ripped paper...the journaling like that & the photo over on the side AND the ink blobs:):)

Lizzyc said...

Oh I can relate.. I have the bits of a torn up one on my desk right at the moment.. it just did not work.. I will keep the photo and take what I can off the layout, but then the rest is headed into the bin.. great tips there.. and i agree, when you have a break from scrapping, sometimes it can take a bit to get back into the rhythm and that is when I do a card.. I must look up that site too.. always in need in inspiration.. so much is happening out there in the scrap land.. so many styles and new things.. I hope you get back on the scrap horse and give it a good gallopin!!

Val-Belle said...

Great tips of advice Helen. I think you are right if you get out of it you need a practice run.
Having said that I don't think this is a horrid layout. I like it. It is your style and I hear you about having a lot going on and you are right about using it for the album even if you don't enter it. Done that before.

Murphy's Law said...

I love it but it only matters if you do. I have trashed entire pages and started from scratch when I didn't like one. I do however, sometimes keep the page I don't like and find a way to save it.

Mitralee said...

I sometimes find on a layout there is one particular "thing" that doesn't work for me. Usually it's some kind of embelishment....and it gets ripped off! Or, if I like parts, they get ripped off and put in other's more like upcyling my own page! I do think you are being wayyyyy too hard on yourself tho. :-)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I think it turned out BEAUTIFUL! I loveeeeeeee the torn paper, the journaling and the butterflies!!!!!!!

Denise van Deventer said...

I had to chuckle when I saw this specific page for the Prima BAP! For a few reasons.
1.I had exactly the same troubles with my Prima BAP first attempt...and I was not able to save I put it aside and started on my second attempt.
2. I used exactly the same paper collection as you....must have been on the same creative wavelength.
3. I also tucked in my photo at the bottom strip of paper.
So yes...quite a few commonalities.
I think your page turned out great...the first attempt was "nice'...but the second attempt is "awesome". Amazing how a few additions...some stamping and the page looks completely different ;-)

Margaret Mifsud said...

Know exactly where you're coming from Helen, have ripped up a few cards in my time!! Having said that, I think you're being a bit hard on yourself and I do like this page. Admittedly the second attempt is a better version but this is pretty good too!! Great advice as well!! Fab post!! xx