Saturday, 4 August 2012

Blogging - Do's and Don'ts {Everyone agrees Music is a NoNo!}

I read such an interesting post today at Design Team Calls, 
the new "pub" site.  It was all about people's pet peeves
 concerning other people's blogs!  I can't link to it because 
it is for "insiders" only - but honestly at $1.65 a month it
 really is money well spent to sign up for all the scoop on
 this hot new site. Almost daily I get an insight into things 
that I would otherwise surely miss...

Anyway, so many of the peeves (all of them actually!) are
 exactly my peeves too - the TOP one being MUSIC!!!  No 
offence intended to any of you out there that have it {I 
wouldn't know as I am now forced to keep my sound OFF}
 which is a pain when I do want to watch a video tutorial etc.  

Here it is very popular for young people to drive around with
their music blaring from their tiny cars.  I find it offensive
 that they "presume" that I would like to listen to THEIR
 music when I am driving around too - or even when I am
 in my house - yes it is THAT loud!!  
Similar scenario if you ask me...

No matter what the choice in music - that isn't the point - the
point is it's not my CHOICE.  Anyway, I just thought that was
interesting...and I was so glad to see that I was not the only
one who thought that way at all!  If you want to see how the
topic started you can get a sneak preview if you LIKE
Papercrafter's Corner on Facebook as the owner of that
site is also the owner of Design Team Calls and asks that
very same question there!  Very interesting indeed...


Desire Fourie said...

Hi Helen
Totally in agreement re the music. I am following, especially one blogger, who, where I forget every time, when I log into her blog, that she has music, and really get such a fright when the music starts op - sommer wakker vir die res van die dag ... ha ha ha

Tracey Sabella said...

I keep my volume off for the same reason. :-) ~ Blessings, Tracey

sandi said...

Interesting! I enjoy listening to the music...I feel like it's a nice treat and get introduced to new and fabulous songs along the way. I guess, like anything else, it's a matter of taste. Tks. for sharing! :)


I use my earphones for tutorials because the kids are sleeping and that's the only time I get to watch them uninterrupted. Rest of the is volume at OFF.

Lynette said...

I also don't like music on blogs...I often have more than one blog opening for reading and it come become awfully loud. I don't agree with everything they say. I have found that a lot of my readers are not papercrafters and have become in real life friends. They read about my life and are interested in what is happening in it. I get more hits and more comments on my non crafty blog posts.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I used to have music -- and it was because I wanted to listen to music I like while I blog surfed for the day ... but after doing a few video tutorials -- decided it was time to remove it! lol!!!

topkatnz said...

Rofl! I would love to put a music player on my blog but can't on Wordpress:( I usually enjoy music on others blogs and have picked up some new fans from others. However I do get sick of it all the time or if it not my taste - then I just turn the sound off:)

Teresa Kline said...

no volume here either, thanks for sharing...have a wonderful day!

enjoy *~*

Keren Tamir said...

I don't like music either. BTW there is another DT call website, you migh know it but just in case

Fi said...

Well I have to say I didn't even know about that site, but then I try not to spend to much time online other that what is necessary. I don't mind the music as sometimes its nice to listen to but I have to agree if you forget that site has it you do get a bit of a fright when it suddenly comes on way to loud, lol

Lynnda said...

Hmmm..whilst checking on blogs...i love to listen music!!! but sometimes... i enjoy the "ssss quiet please" LOL... hugs..xoxo

Marjie Kemper said...


Diana said...

I don't like music either.
A lot of photographers have it on their blogs (I follow a lot of photo blogs.)
I would love to know what else are the blogs do's and don'ts but I'm not even reading my free blogs so no point in signing up for a paid one, right?

Sharm Nidyanandan said...

Hahahaha couldn't have agreed with you more on the music ..I had often wondered if my lappie started playing some random track...only to be scared out of my wits that it was actually paying from someone's blog! Eeks! Tfs this post! Very insightful! :)