Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Winner of my July RAK and my Sketch Showcase!

Hi everyone!  Just had the most awful last 24 hours - we were 
suddenly plunged into darkness at 7.30 yesterday evening and,
 many investigations  later, phone calls to numbers that were
 constantly engaged, out of order, or simply had no-one manning 
them at all, it transpired that some *idiot* had stolen some
 electrical cable from our street outside!  I suspected as much
 as everyone had power except us & our next door neighbour!!

So all our plans for the evening fell by the wayside and all our 
comforts were gone.  No cosy heaters or electric blankets & the 
geyser cooling fast so we all took a shower & went to bed as 
eventually our mobile phones died and our alarm company
 phoned to give us the news that any siren warnings would not
 register on their systems as our alarm battery was almost dead.

  Hence I hardly slept a wink thinking that the electricity
 department may arrive at any hour and need access to our
 property, or worse still another opportunist may decide to
 break in whilst we were at our most vulnerable.  Grrrr!!!
Hubs is on the other side of the world on business so that
 didn't help!  Truly dreadful!!  Anyway - the rant is over
 & I'm back to share the winner of my July RAK here :)  

I had 35 comments but only 28 entries 
so I drew a random number from 1 - 28.

The 22nd VALID comment {from someone who was a follower,
wanted to be entered, etc}was MARILIA LOPEZ from Brazil!
Please e mail me with your postal address so I can get this 
giveaway out to you as soon as possible!  Congratulations!!


 I promised to showcase the layouts from anyone that used
my sketch and advertised it on their blog so here are the 3 
layouts.  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered.  It was 
just for fun & gave you an extra point in the random draw, so 
I am truly grateful to those who took the time out to play along!

First up is Paula Simionato from Brazil HERE & here is her 
lovely layout! {I've put my sketch here too so you can be
 reminded of what it looks like!}

I love how Paula was inspired to use that scroll stamp around
 the horizontal strip & her twine flourish - Pretty!

Next up is Lizzy Hill from Australia with her interpretation!

I love Lizzy's little cluster of yummies at the top right,
 her banner & flags -Scrumptious indeed Lizzy :)

And lastly we have Paloma from Brazil with this gorgeous page!  
You can see it HERE along with a FAB tutorial - WOW!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my giveaway,
 hello and welcome to all my new followers & a HUGE
 thank you to everyone who played along with my sketch too!!

  I will be having another giveaway soon for August - details to
follow soon!  Playing CATCH UP {BIG TIME} now as I had a 
busy evening planned for last night, which came to nothing.
If you are one of the peeps expecting something from me today 
 know that I am fighting furiously to get it to you asap!!


Desire Fourie said...

Wow Helen. Only in Africa where electrical cables get stolen right in front of your house. Relieved to hear that you have all survived the ordeal without hubby.

Tracey Sabella said...

Congratulations Marilia!! Enjoy your wonderful goodies!! Wow, these girls really rocked your sketch!! ~ Blessings, Tracey


Lolô Artesanato said...

Congrats to Marilia

Keren Tamir said...

Yay Marilia and awesome pages with your sketch!!!

Marília Lopes said...

WOO...WOO Oh, what a delight!!
My birthday present arrived early!
Thank you Helen!
I'll send you address from message on Facebook!

Alison said...

Love what the girls did with your sketch Helen!
Alison xx

Paula F.P. Simionato said...

Congrats Marilia, always good to receive a giveaway.
Thank you so much Helen for showing my page, as I could see Brazil loves you


Lizzy Hill said...

You poor thing - that would have been awful...congrats to Marilia & thanks for showcasing our LOs...very sweet. Awesome how sketches can be interpreted, I reckon:):):)

Lynnda said...

Congrats Marilla..Lizzy and Paula... Woohoo... hugs..xoxo....

Jasmine S said...

Oh no Helen. That is no good. And of course it had to happen when hubby is away. Hope all is good now.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Congrats to Marilia and loveeeeeeeee everyone's entries!! They are gorgeous!!

So sorry that you had such an awful thing happen to you last night!!! How scary!!!!

yyam said...

Oh wow. That's serious. Good that you have two young men in your home with you. Everything these days is dependent on electricity....I can imagine how scary it must have been. I guess everyone in the family should get signed up for self-defence class.


Love the way the girls interpreted your sketch and congrats to Marilia!
We have frequent power cuts here for hours on end and *sigh* ...you just learn to be more resourceful! Glad you got through without anything awful happening. Take care.

Lynette said...

I wouldn't have slept a wink if my DH wasn't here and that happened to us. The only time I ever set the alarm is when he is away;-)

sandi said...

Congrats to Marilia! Love what the girls did with your sketch!
Hope all is good now...how scary!

tania said...

no power...not fun hey!! great takes on your sketch! and congrats to your rak winner:)

Mitra Pratt said...

Wish you good energy and a force field around your house so no more weirdness!!!

Congrats to your winner and those are some fab pages from your sketches!

alexandra s.m. said...

Poor thing indeed! That's unbelievable!!
Love your post though and great pages all around.

Thank You~

Marjie Kemper said...

You've been having a rough time of it! Sorry about the power... wishing you no more sleepless nights :-)

Eila Sandberg said...

I was absolutely shocked when I read about it on FB, you really do have a lot of daily challenges to tackle! my goodness, good thing you are a resourceful woman with brains! still, scary stuff and definitely not an added hassle that you need in your life! So hoping you're back to "safe mood" now. Mwah!