Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wednesday Blog Awards

Desire, over at
Doing Life gave me this cute award some time ago & I have only just got to sharing it with you. I am to pass it on to 5 fellow bloggers, whose blogs make me smile...This is tricky because I have a good chuckle at so many blogs, and also because all the blogs Desire selected are ones I also love myself!

So here are my 5!

Penny (PMB)
Heidi (NZ)
Jenny (Durbs)
Jenny (NZ)
Jessica (USA)

Hope you like!

Remember to post this award onto your blog, nominate your 5 peeps (don't forget to hyperlink them) & add to your side-bar. Penny ;-) Know you are new to this - just highlight the person's name then click the icon on the task bar on top of where you type your post (it looks kinda like a cloud)...on the RHS of the T icon (with the different coloured squares) then type the blog address - including http:// in...once posted I always check my links to see that they go through. Don't forget to link my name too (hey, I also like a bit of free publicity!)...

Enjoy your week!


Desire Fourie said...

Glad you accepted and are passing on this award. Have a good week and good luck getting back into a routine again. Hugs from Desire

jax said...

This is really a cute one! Your bloggy friends are going to love it.

Bernadine said...

Helen I have taken the plunge..... I have created my own blog. Thanks the encouragement. Please go have a look. Have a lovely rest of the week.

Jenny said...

Thanks Helen! I wonder if my SIL has seen this yet?

topkatnz said...

thanks ... I always like to make people laugh!!

Jessica said...

Thank you for the award, Helen. I hope to make you smile many more times!

Lynette said...

Cute blog deserve make me smile too!

Penny said...

Wow, thanks for this, Helen! (ANOTHER new thing to learn!!)