Wednesday, 8 April 2009

3 Things...

Ever inspired by my Scrap Icon Ali Edwards I thought it would be fun to add a bit of "life" to the Blogosphere this week...(is it just me or do you get the feeling that we're all "lagging" a bit...???) Think the year is starting to take it's toll as the initial euphoria of our New Year's Resolutions, etc, begin to wear off...For those not "in the Know" - Ali regularly posts her 3 hot faves for the week. This week she talked about OLD favourites...things we go back to TIME AFTER TIME. What are they for you??? Leave your answers in my comments section or make a blog post about it & link it back to me & so it'll go on...that way we'll get a good picture of what we all think...LMK if you're going to take part so I can check out your post.

In no particular order I would have to say that my ALL TIME FAVOURITES would have to be...

Bazzill Basics Paper - STILL stoked on that stuff...many years later...and these days it's not just basic...also loving their Swiss Dot & their metallics...oh yummy...

Pens...fineliners...milkies...who can live without them? Most of mine are not scrapbooking pens per se...due to lack of availability...but still mighty fine...Black/brown/white definitely top of my list.

Double-sided tape...boring maybe...essential...yes...Tombo also great. Don't care that neither of them move a millimetre when positioned. That's what I like about them. When I put stick something down I want it to stay there FOREVER.

What about you? What are your 3 ALL TIME SCRAPPY FAVES?


Mette Thomas said...

Have to agree with number one my first all tiem fav is really bazzill in any colour and texture, cant go past it never will.

If i need to narrow it down at all my fav and staple in my scrapping would have to be eggshell cant go past it eggshell tends to appear on most of my layouts would marry it is i was allowed.

Double sided tape as well yup boring but hey cant do it without it can we, love the cheapy rolls. At the momnet using a cheapy $1 roll of Bella seriously cant go wrong at that price.

my other old fav and staple has to be rubbons i go back for them time and again and never fail to use them on most layout - easy to use and quick. Im all about getting it done these days.

Hope all is well Helen
Take care
Mette x

Stefanie said...

Mine would be my fiskars paper trimmer - can't cut straight without it.
Bazzil cardstock and Basic Grey plains - always what I turn to first.
My distresser and sandpaper block - really into those for their dinky white edge look.

Penny said...

Mmmm - what would we all do without our Bazzill?!? Have made a blog post about my three faves - good idea to get that ball rolling!

jax said...

3 faves for me (@ the moment) are my new blade cutter that fits snugly onto my finger, bling and glitter (really girly)