Wednesday, 8 April 2009

My Journaling Junkie Layout for end March.

Did this one last week for my DT sub...We had to do a series of photos depicting an event or process & document what was happening/what thoughts came to mind at the time...Go here if you want to get some ideas that really push the envelope WRT documenting the important stuff...

Here Reilly is enjoying ( yet another) jawbreaker...

Glad this got me going to get this layout done. It's about 6 months old & needed doing before I forgot the details ;-) Apart from the backing cardstock (Colourmates) all the rest of the papers are Cocoa Daisy. The green stickers are from my stash - I bought them on sale & have regretted it ever since as I find them hard to use...The l'il black glitter ones are MM & have been SO handy...on almost every layout this year...The bigger letters are from the sticker sheet provided by CD (Creative Imaginations). Little stickers on bottom right are MM tiny ledger alphas mixed colours - have LOVED using these.

Enjoying all the cute buttons I find in my CD pack each month...Also love that blue shaped cardstock...This time I decided to cut it up instead of just using the whole sheet adhered to a piece of plain cardstock as a background.

I can't stop tearing, even though I've seen a lot of people going in for heavy distressing instead these days. PLEASE TELL ME - anyone who knows - how is that really heavy distressing achieved? I have a Making Memories black plastic distressing tool with a small blade inside. It's cool, but doesn't rough things up quite as much as I want it to at times. Any ideas what I can do or what I need to use/buy for a more distressed look? Would appreciate some feedback here... Thanks ;-)

Title reads:- 4 X 4 = 16 Hours of Fun (AKA The Art of Eating Jawbreakers)
Journalling reads:-
Step 1 : Remove from packet & start to lick.
Step 2 : Pop into side of cheek & bond with hamster.
Step 3 : Swap cheeks for good measure occassionally.
Step 4 : Eventually (after 3 hours) attempt to bite.
Step 5 : (If step 4 fails) Climb onto top bank & throw onto (clean) floor!
Step 6 : Pick up pieces & stuff into mouth.
Step 7 : Chomp on pieces (30 mins).
Step 8 : Chew on gum found inside (30 mins).

Found it quite challenging using all those photos on one layout. Am much preferring the "bit of breathing space" look these days...although I know that it's not really practical to showcase every photo alone on a single page if you are as snap happy as I am!


Desire Fourie said...

Lovely layouts Helen. You have really captured the essence of the moment. Hugs from Desire

Monique said...

Love this layout!! and the journaling is awesome!! Could have been my 9 year old son!! He's always begging me to buy one of those, but I always refuse. Then last time when he went into town with my dh guess what he got!! Right finally his jaw breaker!! but never again! (although now I've seen your layout, maybe he should have just one more....for the photos!).
Have a nice day!

Lynette said...

Gorgeous layout Helen...I saw it on JJ!

topkatnz said...

great colours Helen ... good on you for using up your green stickers from your stash!! lol ... I have quite a few bits just like that!! ... but, they were a bargain ...

jax said...

I LOVE jaw breakers! So nice to have one once in a while and act like a 10 year old - another strange thing I like to have a taste of once in a blue moon is candy floss! Remember that.....