Sunday, 27 January 2013


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Swooning Over - One of Glitz Design's new CHA releases - 

Planning - An ongoing studio sort through for the rest of 2013,
a major home extension project & a business venture.

Eating - Tonnes of fruit - mangoes, pineapple, oranges & grapefruit.

Discovering - That, no matter where we are in the world, we often
share the very same problems and concerns.

Looking at - My computer and despairing that it is 'out of order' 
yet again, so I am back on my 'old and yucky' laptop.

Wearing - Jeans, pink floral slops & a lightweight knit top.

Cooking - Gnochi with basil pesto, tomato paste & grated cheese.

Wondering - If things will go my way this year - not feeling in control.

Trying Out - A new way of life that is going well so far.

I'd love to hear about what is happening in your life too!
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I love this post Helen!!!! So fun to know what's going on in each others lives :)

Bernadine said...

Definitely going to use this for a blog post this coming week. :)

I also don't feel in control but one day at a time as worrying about the future or even yesterday does not change them. :)

Michelle said...

This is a fun post and fun to see what is going on. Bernadine is right and although I know I shouldn't, I do end up worrying about things I shouldn't.

Right now, a minor warm up. Made it into the teens on the positive side! Lately, our highs have been in the single digits (Fahrenheit). Windchills about -30 even on some days, but mostly nights, so longing for spring.
I am back to work at the tax office and spent the day planning this next weeks meals for them. Shop tomorrow, cook the rest of the week and drop off and work in the office on Saturdays. My life until the end of April.
Lots of home projects being planned. More out of necessity as we have some serious issues with ice on the inside of our windows when it is really cold. Furnace not running properly. Got to love a crappy builder. Our own fault as we should of researched them. Greg fell in love with the model home and there was no convincing him. So now we pay to fix some serious screw ups.

Lynette said...

I loved reading this...a little glimpse into your life. Can't wait to meet "in real life" in April.

Alison said...

I do like these little peeks into people's lives...I might do a post like this soon
Alison xx

Linda Eggleton said...

I hope your new business venture & 2013 is an in-control year that goes your way, Helen.

Loved this little peek into your life. We are about to start a new chapter in our lives I'm also hoping it goes our way & 2013 is good :)

Lizzy Hill said...

I've done it, Helen...probably getting onto the middle of the night your was FUN.
There's the link...great idea of yours:):):)

JULIANA said...

All of your recent posts are wonderful and i enjoyed reading all of them! I wish you & your family the best in 2013 with all the changes your have ahead of you. You seem to have a very positive attitude and that will make all the difference for you!!!
PS...Glitz was another one that I should have added to my list! I have never really been wowed by them, but this year they caught my attention too!

yyam said...

Lots of exciting things going on for you...keep a positive attitude and things will work out for the better!

sandi said...

Good post my friend. Stay positive....all is going to go very well for're in more control then you think!

Kim Price said...

Hi Helen, really enjoyed reading this post. And yes, I am swooning over the new Glitz products too!

Planning - a short trip to the city to meet a new scrappy friend.

Eating - low fat, low carbs - yes it's diet time again

Discovering - similar to you, we aren't so different after all

Looking at - my husband brewing his beer in the kitchen

Wearing - 3/4 jeans and a white t-shirt, red thongs on my feet!

Cooking - steak and veggies for dinner

Wondering - about this crazy weather

Trying Out - some new chipboard!

Sandie Edwards said...

Yes, very scrumptious products coming out everywhere, love Glitz though.

Planning: Taking photographs of my work area, doing a clean up (I always seem to mess it up so quickly).

Eating: Just ate lunch with Jesse, salad and crumbed chicken with an apricot sauce.

Discovering: New doorways, and exploring them, even if reluctantly.

Looking At: Besides Laptop screen, toy story the movie, for the 100th time :-)

Wearing: My PJ's - dare I say it is 1.47pm LOL LOL

Cooking - something easy for dinner tonight, as cooked a large lunch.

Wondering: Just how bad the damage is going to be with the weird weather experienced in Australia at the moment. I feel for those concerned, and worry for family and friends.

Trying Out: Mixed Media a lot more.

Keren Tamir said...

Love this post!!! Glad to know what's going on in your mind!!!

Hellilote (YanChik) said...

Do not worry, everything will be fine! (About work and money)

Tracey Sabella said...

The gnocci sound amazing!! Today, I'm going on a house hunting excursion with my sis (for her) and then to dinner. ~ Blessings, Tracey



Mitra Pratt said...