Friday, 18 January 2013

Sweet Singapore!

I know 'Sunny Singapore' may have sounded better but, having been
 there myself now (and yes, it IS very sunny!) sweet is actually
 a better description.  Singapore is a tiny island.  Smaller than
 the  suburb I live in.  It is full of buildings - beautiful
modern ones - clean and SAFE.  Kind of like where Noddy
 and Big Ears used to live - Toyland!!

Travelling is exhausting.  Unless you remain in one place, or travel
First Class, and catch taxis everywhere, it's really tiring!  We
arrived home a couple of days ago and we are still unpacking...
 We had to dive straight back into school and work, and then
there's the jetlag!!

With 4 000 + photos to edit, it's difficult to know where to begin :)

We walked and walked and walked - in 30 - 40 degree heat -
plus humidity!  It was like boot camp - I sweated off 3kgs!!

Cami was happy to be out of her thermals and back into her shorts!

The sun was seriously bright!  Travelling from West to East
I saw the difference through my photography, immediately.

Thank goodness for my Black Rapid Strap - lugging a DSLR around
 is HEAVY!  I didn't appreciate it's value until I travelled with it!

The Flyer is a must-do.
  It's higher than the London Eye and very high-tech!

Of course the views were amazing!

The new Gardens by the Bay.

Takes your breath away right?!


Don't ask me how she always looked that good...

All that gorgeous hair had to be shorn off by moi the moment
we arrived back home as school started the next day :(

We traveled everywhere on foot and using the MRT
{Mass Rapid Transport} - underground trains like the tubes
 in the UK - only far superior. Wider, cleaner and
air-conditioned.  Luxury transport for the masses.

This is where we stayed.  Very pretty area with restuarants
lining the river and cobblestone walk ways.

We ate a lot of delicious food!!  More food pics to follow...

These two provided us with around-the-clock entertainment...

And proof that I do exist and am not merely
a figment of your imagination!

I still have loads more photos to edit of our trip to Singapore,
 meeting up with my scrappy, blog friends, going to the zoo
and our entire Bali visit too.  I have lots of layouts to share
that have been published elsewhere & not yet gone up
here but right now I am inundated with 'everything new to do
 with school' as Cami and Jack have both started at new schools
this year & the beginning of the academic year is
always a hectic time for all!


Jasmine S said...

Oh what an awesome wrap up. Love the pics and I would love to have a trip like this one day. Welcome back.

juscrap said...

Wow Helen! Your photos are wonderful, they are professionals! I imagine that the journey must have been wonderful. That's good to have you back to show their beautiful work.xoxo

Lizzy Hill said...

What an amazing hol you've had & great start to your'll get there:):):)!!!!!! Bet it's good to sleep in your own bed!!!! LOVE your photos.....really, really reflect 'place'.....TFS:):):):)

Sandie Edwards said...

Wow Helen, what an amazing adventure ... still disappointed we couldn't meet in Bali :-) Next time though! Your trip sounds amazing and I am looking forwards to the stories that will be unfolding on your blog soon and seeing all your creations too.
P.S I need your address, you won a prize on my blog.

sandi said...

wow Helen! You really have some great shots here! Looks like this is a trip of a lifetime!

Evgenia Petzer said...

welcome back:) can't wait to see your scrap projects:)

Lili Sulastri said...

Helen, all your photos are really, really beautiful. Actually I have mixed feelings about Singapore. Growing up there was way much different than now. Sometimes I miss the old Singapore and I am not too fond of the new Singapore. Still, I do enjoy going back from time to time and already hubby and I are talking about going back there again. Looking forward to see more photos and to read more news.

Marelize said...

You took some amazing photos Helen! Sounds like an incredible trip. Looking forward to seeing loads more pics and scrapping! xx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love all the photos!!!! I love the one of you and hubby!! Can't wait to see you and Yvonne!!!

Bellaidea said...

Great photos and looks lke all had a good time. I remember Singapore as a very clean city too. Great food and cute shops too. Regards!
ps. He has to have short hair at school?

Desire Fourie said...

Helen it is great having you back and to see and hear all about your wonderful overseas adventure. Looking forward to the next episode.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Keren Tamir said...

What amazing pics Helen. You took fantastic shots. And you and hubby look amazing. And you are right about traveling its exhausting. But worth it. It makes u miss home though!!

Rachael Funnell said...

Just by looking at these photos you had SUCH a wonderful time... Glad to hear you are home safely!!

Gayle Price said...

Truly wonderful photos Helen !!!! You are so better organised than me. I have posted one photo of my trip away since I've been back, I also have this 'notion' that other people are never really that interested in your own holiday snaps. Perhaps that's because we had friends over the other night and showed them a few photos off the camera on the TV and 2 of them fell asleep !! Anyway, all your pictures are fantastic, I love them ! What camera did you use while away ? It's done an amazing job. xx

topkatnz said...

Welcome home H.Loved hearing about all your great travels. Singapore is great aye?Glad we've got a few more weeks here until I have to deal with the start of the school year. All the best.hx

Sabrina Sulaiman said...

Awesome post, Helen!! I can feel that you have thoroughly enjoyed your visit to Singapore, minus the humidity, yes? I lived there for 4 years, and LOVE the clean country. I like how you described the MRT, and that's so true. More photos please, I enjoyed reading this post so much. Have a good rest at home sweet home, Helen! :)

Leonie said...

Sounds and looks like a wonderful trip, look forward to seeing more pics. :)

Lynette said...

Welcome home Helen...your photos look so amazing that I want to go and travel ;-)

If you think it is daunting working through editing your photos, just imagine scrapping them.


What a whirlwind of a tour, Helen! I was overwhelmed just by reading your updates on FB. I must try and remember that your kids are independent unlike mine...LOL! Looking forward to seeing more pics :)

Marjie Kemper said...

Welcome back! So glad you survived the travels... can't wait to see what you make with all those photos.

Nicolle Kramer said...

Awesome photos of your trip!!xoxox

Sandi Cl~ said...

What amazing photos! Glad you had such a wonderful trip!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Such fantastic photos!!

Fi said...

Great pics Helen sounds like you had a wonderful time, I know exactly how you feel with the humidity Queensland is like that through most of summer and its not enjoyable at all. Well good to see you back home safe and sound.

Debbi Tehrani said...

What a marvelous journey you had! I enjoyed looking through your pictures. You are going to have loads of fun reliving these memories through the pages you'll create!

Carin McDonough said...

Glad you are home safe and sound Helen. Singapore looks amazing! I would definitely love to go there oneday. Gorgeous photos and nice to see one of you and your hubby! Good luck with all the school sorting out! :)

Denise van Deventer said...

Gorgeous pics Helen....I kept tracking you on knew you had an awesome time!! ;-)))

Alison said...

Great to see you back Helen...fab pics!
Alison xx

Eila Sandberg said...

LOVE to have you back Helen and am so glad you finally found your inner balance again on Bali! It's good to be able to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. I have forgotten what life used to be when there were no dead-lines and scrapping was just for fun, migt have to go to Bali too! :) Take care my friend! xoxo

Denise Price said...

Wow--you visited so many places on your trip! I don't blame you if now you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation. :)