Monday, 4 June 2012

Dance Photo Post 2 - More Photos & More Photography Tips too!

Back with more photos of Cami's Singing & Dancing show!
Thanks SO MUCH for all the love you left me on the last photo
post yesterday!!  I hope you enjoy these too!  This is the last
of them {for those of you who may be getting bored!}.

 I have them all printed and ready to scrap now - woohoo!!
 I have a busy week ahead as well as  lots of pages that I need
 to get done  but I am trying to pop into as many blogs as I can
each day to return all the love you send my way
- I am so grateful for it!

We got to sit right in the front row this time so that was
a real treat for me and my photo taking!!

I've gone vignette crazy - I know! And not only in black or white
either - positively technicolour - oh well!  I'm enjoying it right now!!

I'm certainly going to have a lot of photos 
to scrap!  I can see she is going to have to have
 an "Entertainment" album at this rate!!

I know the vignettes aren't all uniform but that's fine
as I'll be scrapping most of these photos separately
and I like to experiment and try out different things.

Sometimes the flash over-exposes the shot but before
binning it see if you can give it a "special effect" - kids
love these funky photo editing options!

Text is a good option if you have a story to tell and makes
it a lot easier than having to print out journaling strips later.

I just love this photo above!  So cute!!
That expression is just adorable :)

Really looking forward to choosing print sizes now
& getting all these printed out - I'm really in need of
a fresh injection of inspiration photo-wise these days!

I just love the casual look of the Picasa polaroid option.

These days I have quite a number of  occasions to use
my SB600 flash so I am getting slightly better with it.

For all these photos I got the shutter speed right and let
the camera get the rest lined up - Shutter Priority Mode.

To me there's nothing worse than over-use of the flash
so the photo look like they're taken in broad daylight.
That is NOT the idea!!

Another funky edit!
I hope you've enjoyed seeing some photos for a change.
I haven't shared any here for ages prior to this, this year.

If you have any questions about my photography I will do
my best to answer them.  I use a Nikon D5000 and I
love it - had I understood at the time that it would require
motorized lenses though I would have bought the D90, which
is identical except for the fact that it has an inbuilt motor.


jeanie g said...

Just love all thse funky photos Helen. Think the spammers have been at a lot of blogs lately! Such a pain when all we want to do is have fun together!! Thank you for sharing these, she looks amazing just like her Mom.


Every time I read a post on your blog, I learn something new - this time it is about the technicolor vignette and journaling on the photo itself...Totally cool! Cami rocks,btw :)
Just wondering if you print your pics using your home printer?

MARILYN said...

She's a Star!!! look at her..she's natural!! I can imagine you sat in the first row looking you baby singing and excited!! you should be very proud!! Congratulations to Cami!!! :)
You know how much I love your photos
these are Gorgeous!!! love the effects!! I would like to buy the D90 but I can't right now, you have a fabulous camera!1 Take care!
Hugs!!! :)

Alison said...

Love the pictures you've chosen in these last two posts Helen....Cami looks as though she enjoyed every minute!
Alison xx

Carin McDonough said...

Wow you managed to get some really fantastic photos Helen. My evening photos of these types of things are always dreadful but then that is probably also because I always sit at the back lol. Your daughter looks like a little star! :)

Bellaidea said...

I really would love to see this show.
If you can clone your camera I`m in for it too:)

Keren Tamir said...

Wow she is gorgeous and although u can't hear her, you can tell she is so talented in both singing and dancing!! Is she your youngest??

Sandi Cl~ said...

Looks awesome, Helen! Your dd is so pretty and it looks the show was a hit!

Gayle Price said...

Wow! All your photos are fantastic Helen, your daughter is gorgeous and what a gift to be able to sing must be such a proud mum. Well done with these "action" photos and the stage lighting as well, you have done a fab job with all these great shots and the different editing styles...I can definitely see a mini "song and dance "album being created with these. Just also want to thank you for your last comment you left for me, means a lot. Looking forward to seeing some of these photos again in your beautiful creations. xx

Lizzy Hill said...

Thanks for visiting moi & I LOVE how you can put your journaling on the shots...FAB idea....used to have Picassa. Might have to upload it on my new laptop! And she's ONLY 12???? Wow! Looks so much older all 'done' up for the show:):):)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Beautiful!!!!! I loveeeeeee all of these!!!

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Beautiful photography Helen! What a little star!

Stefanie said...

The camera sales people don;t tell you these things. LOL. I am siting withe the same thing. Lovely photos, She has the most amazing smile and is clearly loving every moment of her time on stage. Great funky edits too.

scrapping4me said...

WOW Helen! Great shots! Its so good you had good seats to take the photos! They will be awesome to scrap - you are going to be a busy beaver!

Lynnda said...

Of course I enjoy looking at these photos... you done very well my friend... hugs...xoxo

sandi said...

Wow Helen! What fabulous pics! Oh yes, these need to be how wonderful these are and the memories. Yes talent runs deep in your family!

tania said...

love them all!! not bored at all!! really enjoyed these helen:) she is beautiful:)

Fi said...

WOW you've got some awesome photos here to scrap Helen, can't wait to see you use them. I can see some gorgeous pages getting done.

Naddy said...

Beautiful photos Helen :)

Desire Fourie said...

Gorgeous photos not to speak of the subject. Enjoy your Wednesday.
DS4J DT Member
Doing Life

Sharm Nidyanandan said...

Lovely photos Helen! Your daughter is gorgeous! Looks like the event was surely lots of fun! :)

carlies said...

wow she is really a star what wonderful off her and beautiful pictures

hugs carla

Eila Sandberg said...

Ooooh these piccies are wonderful!! love love love seeing your beautiful Cami in action, her whole being is shining with the joy of performing! your girl totally rocks the stage. Can just imagine how incredibly proud you and Shane must be of your fantastic children. Really so funky with the different photo treatments, so admiring your skills Helen! xoxox

topkatnz said...

Looks like a really professional show and she had a ball. You might have a real star on your hands! go Cami!!:)